Top Updates to Boost Your Home’s Value

With the cost of things continuing to increase due to supply chain issues, inflation, and a variety of other factors, homeowners have become very selective about home improvement projects. They want the maximum bang for their buck so the greatest return on investment has become an essential deciding factor when weighing which updates to undertake and which to avoid. In this article, we will examine the top updates to boost your home’s value – best of all in our list, a couple of ideas won’t break the bank and are DIY savvy!

De-Clutter and Clean Indoors & Outside

Curb appeal matters, so clean up your yard debris, and pressure wash driveways, and walkways so they shine. You can carry out this task as a DIY or hire a landscaper to tidy things up. Trimming trees and bushes also helps make the place look well-kept.

Indoors, you should start cleaning. Shampoo carpets, polish wood floors, clean and seal tile flooring and don’t forget to clean the windows.

Whether you hire a professional cleaning crew or carry out the task yourself, cleaning and de-cluttering the house is an ideal first step toward boosting your home’s value.

Clutter in a home makes it hard to see the character of the house. You don’t want people looking at all your ‘stuff’ and not the house itself. This is especially true when marketing your home for sale. You’ll need to clean out cabinets, storage areas, and closets to create significant breathing room throughout the home.

Add Square Footage to the Home

Yes, adding square footage to an existing structure is a significant investment but the payoff for boosting your home’s value and resale appeal is undeniable. A home’s value hinges on its livable square footage. The bigger the house, the more value. Adding a bathroom or family room are ways to make your home more appealing, increase its function, and create more useful space.

Recently, there has been a trend towards adding a separate mother-in-law suite. The tiny, self-contained additions can make your property stand out to people seeking guest quarters, a place where an elderly family member can live, or a small apartment-type setting for an adult child who remains living at home.

If your budget, simply won’t allow you to increase your home’s square footage then there are ways that you can visually increase the space of a room. Take down heavy closed drapes and replace them with lighter choices such as shutters or vertical blinds so you can let the light into the space. Light always creates an illusion of space.

Also, remove any excessive furniture from a room to make it feel less cramped. Clutter always makes a room feel smaller.

Energy Efficiency

Most people are focused on sustainability and eco-friendly options to help cut energy use. There are many smart ways that you can increase your home’s emergency efficiency such as installing a simple smart thermostat that lets you control your home’s temperature from anywhere using your smartphone.

You might also want to invest in the following:

  • A high-efficiency HVAC system

  • Energy efficient windows

  • Energy Star-rated home appliances

  • Home insulation upgrade

  • A tankless hot water heater

A Coat of Paint

One of the most affordable ways to boost your home’s value is a simple paint facelift. Applying a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper instantly breathes new life into the home’s interior and that spells value instantly. The paint can also make a property seem less dated and more modern. Try to keep the paint hues neutral so they appeal to a variety of people. So break out the rollers, painter’s tape, drop cloth and brushes and pick up a few gallons of paint which is most likely going to be around $25 a gallon and get going!

Update Your Kitchen

Home buyers consider the kitchen one of the main selling points of any home. Families spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, so you’ll want to make sure the layout is user-friendly. Always maximize space in the kitchen so people have ample places for storage.

A kitchen update or remake is not without a high price tag. In fact, it’s one of the costliest home renovation projects you can undertake so if you simply cannot justify the expense of a full kitchen remodel then focus on minor elements that can still make your kitchen more appealing such as investing in matching appliances to create flow in the room. You can also install new hardware such as door handles and a faucet in the kitchen to give it a renewed appearance.

Up to the Ceiling

A popcorn ceiling was once very popular but now it appears dated. If you want your home to seem fresh and new, then you’ll want to redo the ceilings. Just remember that older ceilings often contain harmful asbestos, so you’ll want to have the ceiling material tested by experts before you start tearing it out.

Bathroom Updates


A bathroom update is right up there with a kitchen remodel. The process can quickly become costly. However, if you don’t have the budget for a full bathroom remodel then you can still make changes to make the space more visually appealing.

  • Focus on replacing any dated wallpaper.

  • Paint the walls,

  • Add new tile to the tub and shower.

  • Install a new water-saving toilet.

  • Replace the faucet on the sink and tub with newer models.

  • Swap out the room’s old lighting for more modern choices.

  • Install heated floors

  • Swap out countertops for more appealing materials such as granite or marble.

  • Retile the floor.

After Staging by No Vacancy Home Staging

Flooring Replacement

Staging by No Vacancy Home Staging

Flooring can date a home. If you have old shag carpets, then you’ll want to replace them with more modern carpets or opt to go with wood or tile flooring. Focus on replacing the flooring in the rooms where the carpeting looks the most worn.

These are just a few ways you can boost your home’s value with a little bit of DIY sweat equity. If you plan on listing your residence for sale then we encourage you to contact No Vacancy Home Staging to discover how effectively staging your home during the sale process can boost the value of the property.

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