Benefits of Home Staging

TOP 5 Reasons to Stage a Vacant Home Listed For Sale!

1.) Buyers need to use their imagination to see the potential. Because the rooms are empty, it is often difficult for them to envision how they would look with furniture, décor, rugs and artwork.

2.) Sometimes it is impossible to figure out the purpose of a particular space. If there is a room or area in the home that is even remotely odd, shaped or sized in an unusual manner, or whose purpose is ambiguous, then buyers will be confused and uncertain. Its purpose must be adequately defined, and this is best done visually.

3.) In vacant properties, buyers tend to focus on every imperfection. Unless your property is brand new, this is going to be a problem. And the older the house and the more outdated the fixtures, the bigger this problem will be. Filling the property with tasteful furnishings will distract buyers and minimize the impact of these imperfections.

4.) An empty house feels cold and bleak. Remember, first impressions count. You want it to be warm and inviting so buyers will have an emotional response and establish a personal connection with the house, just as they do with model homes. Sell the dream.

5.) And paradoxically, empty rooms actually seem SMALLER than furnished rooms, leaving buyers to wonder whether their furnishings will even fit. Gauging scale is tricky, and you can still be wrong. Adding furniture and décor in the right proportion solves this immediately.