Summer Home Staging Tips

Summer may be a time for vacationing but it is also the perfect season to list a home and show off those outdoor spaces. Families will be out looking to move before the start of a new school year and you can take advantage of maximizing the continued longer daylight hours to complete any renovation projects. You will find these 7 Summer Home Staging Tips cool and refreshing to get your home show ready!

7) Attractive Landscaping. Grass grows much faster during the summer months so make sure the lawn is mown and maintained on a strict schedule. Pull the weeds, trim the shrubs and trees, and add some mulch or edging for a crisper well landscaped look. Take care of any outdoor maintenance projects like pressure washing, painting, window cleaning to make sure a homes curb appeal creates a lasting first impression.

6) Fresh Front Entry. A new welcome mat for outside the entryway, a neat and well lit pathway to the front door and adding pots of flowers or plants to the front porch will create a more welcoming entrance to a home. It is crucial to make sure that the home looks its best for potential buyers at first site from the curb all the way to the front door. Are your house numbers visible?

5) Go Green. As more of us are connecting with nature it is only appropriate to add healthy green houseplants throughout the home to freshen the air and add a touch of color to any space. Fresh cut tropical flowers or even some of today’s realistic looking green leaf stems or palms in a glass vase can evoke feelings of summer fun.

4) Stay Cool. The last thing you want is for potential buyers to be hot when they open the front door and start touring a home listed for sale. Unfortunately, now is the time to think more about making ones home feel welcoming than saving on the power bill. Make sure the house is at a reasonably cool temperature that is refreshing and inviting.

3) Pops of Color. It is okay to make an exception during the summer months and add some bright pops of color to an otherwise neutral home staging palette. Throw in some colorful pillows, throws and artwork to create some WOW factor in a room. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to follow the 10/30/60 rule which suggests that 10% of your overall design should be a bold accent color, 30% can be a supporting shade, and 60% should be a neutral base.

2) Light and Bright. Light is important and makes rooms in a home feel larger, more open, and all-around more appealing. Cut back any trees or plants that are blocking light from the windows, use light-colored and lightweight window treatments if needed, and install artificial light in any dark rooms or corners where needed.

1) Outdoor Spaces. Make sure to highlight every outdoor space even if it’s a small balcony or patio to excite buyers with the idea of spending their summer outdoors. Stage exterior spaces with flowers, greenery and add a table and chairs to create a cozy area for lounging. And of course show off any additional exterior amenities like a lavish pool, backyard gazebo or treehouse to let buyers imagine all the fun they’ll have on summer days.