Benefits of Painting a Home to Sell

TOP 6 Reasons Paint Can Increase The Value of a Home Listed for Sale!

1) A coat of paint in the interior of a home can cover up imperfections like scratches, chips or scuffs that may appear on walls or trim or the like. It will not only create a less lived in feel but also make the home look fresh, clean and untouched.

2) When painting to sell a home, we highly recommend our 9 home staging paint colors from Sherwin-Williams to not only neutralize a home but also appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers to make them feel welcome and not have to consider repainting. A newly painted home inside is the number one interior feature most buyers want cause it says this home is “move-in” ready!

3) Painting can have a powerful effect on the appearance of a home. You want potential buyers to imagine their furniture and home decor in a room and a neutral paint color as a backdrop will help make that vision easier.

4) Using the same neutral paint color throughout a home will give the home a more cohesive feel and make the spaces in a home seem bigger and display an easy flow from one room to the next for buyers upon viewing.

5) Paint… think money in a can! It is one of the most easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase a home’s value. Simply put, painting is the least expensive investment for the biggest return if a seller is not willing to do any other updates to a home.

6) Over 90% of sellers are viewing their next home online but did you know that 85% of those buyers say it’s the photos that are the most important factor when deciding to go view the home. Paint is very effective in transforming the visual appearance of a home. You want to instantly create more attractive photos by using light neutral paint colors which will always photograph better.