Winter Home Staging Tips

One may think that winter is a more challenging time of year to sell a home, but there are most likely going to be fewer homes on the market. Sellers can take advantage of winter’s assets with these 7 Home Staging Tips for Winter that are warm and inviting to buyers even when the weather outside may be frightful!

7) Keep Entryways Clean. A clean and clutter-free house is best since it’s the first impression buyers will see when walking through the front door. Remove mucky boots outside, sweep away leftover fall leaves and hide family gear in a closet or trunk, where potential buyers won’t trip over them. NOTE: Keep trees and shrubs trimmed back from windows and any branches near home to avoid possible damage to home.

6) Let in the Light. Winter days are dreary and dim so turn all the lights on and open drapes and shutters to let as much warm lighting into each room. For dark spaces, it doesn’t hurt to add another lamp to make the home look its best.

5) Create a Seasonal Mood. Up the cozy factor with seasonal fur throws draped over an upholstered or leather armchair, fold a large quilt or comforter at the foot of the bed or add an area rug in warm hues. These are small additions that make a big difference in the way a room feels to prospective buyers.

4) Showcase Entertaining Possibilities. Winter is prime time for festive parties and holiday open houses, so whet prospective buyers’ appetites with an enticing display. Place settings at the dining table, fresh flowers or outdoor greenery and branches to show buyers the potential the home has for entertaining guests and family.

3) Emphasize Large Spaces. Basement playrooms, indoor exercise areas, game rooms, sunrooms and the like are welcoming to buyers who may spend more time in these spaces during the winter months. Be sure to remove all unrelated stuff to make the purpose of the room clear for agents to market accordingly.

2) Turn up the Heat. Set the thermostat to comfortable temperatures for buyers and light a fire in the gas fireplace if applicable. Staging Secret: Serve some warm apple cider during a showing. NOTE: Make sure heating system is serviced, keep extra filters on hand. Set Thermostat to 68 at home and 55 if away for long periods -programmable thermostats are best.

1) Elements in the Garden. Besides making sure all debris is cleared from driveways and front porch areas, don’t forget the backyard or gardens. Large urns, planters, benches, fresh pine straw and other garden structures with winter greens will help buyers see the potential.