Spring Home Staging Tips

Blooming flowers and warmer temperatures in Atlanta brings out the buyers cause we know that Spring is the best time of the year to list a home for sale and we call it the “real estate” season.  So get started early with your spring cleaning – OUT with the old and IN with updates, painting, landscaping and more with our 6 Simple Spring Home Staging Tips!

6) Freshen Up Outdoors.  Curb appeal is important when staging a home.  The front door may need to be painted and changing the color is one way to bring a decorating makeover outdoors!  A nice warm color like reds, pastel green or yellow perhaps.  It’s as easy as picking a color, purchasing a quart of paint and transform the front door in an afternoon.

5) Mix It Up.  Work with the decorative items and furniture already in the home.  Get creative and change out pillows, move artwork around, paint one wall or the bathroom a fresh spring hue!  There are no rules really when it comes to staging or even decorating a space it’s okay to mix it up.  A living space doesn’t need to look like a catalog ordered furniture set that has to match perfectly.

4) Bringing the Outdoors IN.  Budding trees and blooming flowers means spring is in the air. Show off tree blossoms and stems by creating a beautiful center piece for the dining table.  A small bouquet of gardenias, azaleas, roses or mums are perfect for the bathroom.  These small pops of color add visual interest when staging a home.

3) Layering.  Adding layers livens up shelves but don’t go overboard when staging a home to sell – less is best.  Layering may involve resting one large piece of artwork on the fireplace mantel and placing a smaller piece of artwork in front of it to one side.  This can also be done inside of bookshelves to add a dash of color.

2) Add Color.  Spring is a time to break out the color in bold statement pieces.  Throws and pillows are inexpensive decorating items that can add playful splashes of color to a living room couch or a bed in a bedroom.

1) Rearrange Furniture.  Simply rearranging furniture gives a breath of fresh air to a room.  It’s a great way to remove maybe too much furnishings in a living space and create a focal point when staging a home.  For example, moving the couch to face a fireplace or a window with a view.