Decorating with Preserved Forever Roses

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Who doesn’t love a rose? It has become the flower symbol of love. A fresh-cut bouquet of roses in your home will immediately become a focal point, especially on a dining room table. However, the beauty of a rose will quickly fade as the flower inevitably starts to wilt and die. In an effort to hold onto the beauty of a rose a little longer, designers are embracing preserved forever roses.

A properly preserved forever rose will last for a year or even longer. They are a beautiful addition to your home and, best of all, they are virtually maintenance-free! You don’t need to worry about adding water and preservatives to make the blooms last longer. A bouquet of fresh-cut roses is expensive, but forever roses are remarkably economical, especially when you factor in exactly how long the stunning long stems blooms will last! They are definitely an investment in our decor theme that won’t break the bank but give you a wonderful return on ongoing beauty. Besides the fact that preserved forever roses look amazing without water!

Ideas for Decorating with Preserved Roses

We love roses for centerpieces both at home and for any sort of holiday, wedding, birthday, or social event. Nevertheless, you should keep the type of event in mind when deciding what color of rose to use since the meaning of roses is based on their color.

Try a hanging flower pot with roses which are perfect for a more boho-chic environment. If you specifically use red preserved roses, you’ll instantly give a space a pop of color. Or go for white and pastel roses in a hanging basket, which will provide the space with a more romantic touch that’s perfect for a warm, welcoming home.

How are Forever Roses Preserved?

Do preserved forever roses sound like a myth or too good to be true? Well, they are very real. You are probably wondering how forever roses are preserved. Let’s take a few moments to investigate the entire preservation process that goes into creating forever roses. You might mistakenly believe that forever roses are silk or fake imitations of the real thing. Actually, forever roses are 100% real roses. They simply appear perfect and pristine – best of all, they do not wilt and die.

Typically, forever roses are harvested in bulk from parts of the world known for their superb rose cultivation. Areas like Colombia and Ecuador all produce outstanding rose crops every year and have gained a gold standard reputation for rose exports.

The roses used in the creation of forever roses are harvested when they are at their fullest and peak bloom stage – unlike florist roses which are harvested in bud form to later open up. After cutting, the tips of the roses are submerged in a special solution that replaces the flower’s natural sap and water. The non-toxic, glycerin-based formula immediately starts to preserve the beauty of the rose.

Using a food-safe colorant, the roses are dyed to preserve their outstanding hue. In some situations, the preserved roses are died using exotic colors to make them stand out in bold contrast in any home.

After preservation, the roses are forever frozen in time, but they are not hard and brittle. Instead, they are wonderfully supple and soft to the touch which only makes them appear more realistic.

Are Forever Roses Toxic?

Parents and pet owners are probably concerned about if forever roses are toxic. Many animals, especially cats, are notorious for nibbling on houseplants and flowers. However, rest assured, that forever roses are completely non-toxic. The preservation process and formula rely on completely natural glycerin-based formulas. You can touch, smell, and even eat forever roses. The colorants and preserving solutions are the same formulas used in food and medical products. Also, when you finally decide to discard your forever roses, you can simply let them compost in the garden because they will not harm the environment or wildlife.

Do Forever Roses Smell Like a Live Rose?

‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,’  from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet.

One of the most appealing things about the rose is the heavenly aroma. Most people are remarkably familiar with the rose and desire the smell in every room of their home. In fact, it is a popular additive in perfumes and other concoctions due to its appealing nature.

In some situations, preserved rose companies will spray rose-scented fragrance or rose-scented eau de toilette on the flowers to make them smell more natural and enticing.

However, often spraying the roses with perfume will cause discoloration and lead to a rapid deterioration of the flowers. Instead, you might want to opt for a brand of roses that come with an essential oil diffuser which you can place beside the flowers to create a pleasing aroma. If the flowers do not come with a diffuser, then you can always position them near your own diffuser or wax warmer to create a pleasant fragrance.

Caring for Preserved Roses

Taking care of your preserved roses is not difficult. Simply keep the preserved roses at room temperature and place them in an area away from direct sunlight.

  • Never put preserved roses in water.
  • Keep the roses out of humidity (avoid putting the roses in a bathroom or other humid area of the home).
  • Avoid placing the roses near any ventilation fans.
  • Never bend or press flowers.
  • Gently dust your roses from time to time with a light dusting tool and be very gentle.

With only minimal care, a preserved rose will retain its natural elegance, vitality, and beauty for up to a year. They are a wonderful decor option anywhere in your home where you desire a lovely bouquet. You do not have to worry about changing vases, dealing with fallen petals, or any other mess.

Preserved roses make a fantastic addition to any home decor. They provide lasting, ongoing beauty that is sure to draw a great deal of attention.

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