Create a Stylish Bedroom with a Tufted Headboard

If you are wondering about the latest bedroom decor craze — it’s tufted headboards. The design adds warmth and texture to a space and makes for a stunning focal point that can inspire the rest of the decor to create your own personal master bedroom or guest bedroom oasis. The headboard is not only padded for added lounging comfort but also features eye-catching tufts which are pieces of fabric that have been threaded together to form a bundle or tuft and then secured using either a button or a knot. The look is both elegant and timeless.

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Learn all about the different styles of upholstered headboards and how you can design the bedroom of your dreams.

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When shopping for a tufted headboard, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the fabric used in the furnishing’s construction. You’ll have many options such as microfiber, soft velvet, faux leather, or luxe linen. You’ll want to consider the feel of the fabric against your head or back, also your bedding style, room decor, and durability.

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If you are like most people, you use your bed to unwind, read a book, or watch television so you’ll be leaning against the headboard frequently while relaxing. You’ll want a fabric that can stand up to the abrasion of your body without developing any signs of wear or discoloration.

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The color of the fabric is another factor. Will you want it to match your bedding, walls, or furnishings? Are you considering a color splash, or do you want the room to remain neutral?

Pay Attention to the Details When Shopping for a Tufted Headboard

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You’ll want to make a list of the details when shopping for a tufted headboard. Some of the beds are designed with storage underneath, such as a pull-out drawer that you can use for linens or clothing. Other bed styles sit higher from the floor for additional under-bed space.

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The design of the tufts also varies with diamond patterns, arches, or a fancy rolled top. Some are simply straight across with no real tuft pattern.

Traditional Decor

Beds with curves ornate details or arches look fantastic paired with the traditional bedroom decor. You can create a more lavish look by pairing the tufted headboard with an elegant comforter and decorative pillows.


The headboard design you choose can be subtle or bold. You can also pick something in-between. You want the headboard to blend in with your surroundings. Many homeowners opt to paint the wall behind the headboard with a hue that is one or two shades lighter than the fabric of the tufted headboard. The color difference makes the headboard stand out without being too bold or over-the-top.

Fabric Depth

A headboard with a pillow-topped mattress and thick padding boasts deeper tufts. The headboard creates a smooth transition and a more luxurious appearance. If you want a whimsical appearance, then choose a patterned fabric or one that features different colored buttons to add further dimension.

NailHead Trim


Nailhead trim is often favored by those seeking a refined and classic look. The nailheads stand out and create more visual detail on the headboard. They are often organized in a pattern against the boldly colored fabric. When picking a nailhead headboard, think about the size of the nail heads. Small nail heads are difficult to see if you are not close to the headboard. Also, consider the positioning of the nail heads because you don’t want a ridge of bumpy nails across your back when you are trying to sit up in bed.

Bridge Formation


A classic design of tufted headboard is the bridge formation which features a high curving back that stands above the piled linens and pillows. The arching headboard makes a dramatic statement and stands out in bold contrast.

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A bridge formation headboard looks outstanding against the backdrop of a white wall. It often creates a very rustic appearance. Users also enjoy the high design because it offers support to the back, shoulders, neck, and head when leaning back against the surface to read or watch television.

Light Blocking

If you opt to go with a large, tufted headboard then you can position it in front of the window to help block light. The headboard effectively obstructs the view from the window to create greater privacy while providing a great backrest. You can use white drapes on the window behind the headboard to ensure that it stands out in bold contrast or if you want it to blend in then try to match the fabric of the curtains with the headboard’s colors.

Two Tones

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If you want to create a great deal of contrast in your bedroom, then choose a headboard that is upholstered in two-tone fabric. The patterns will stand out in bold contrast against a white wall. You can pair it with pale sheets to truly unite the headboard, wall, color, and lines. You can even use flashy fabrics if you want to make a bold statement.

Classic Wood and Tufted Headboard


If you remain in love with wood for a headboard, then don’t despair because you can actually have the best of both designs! A wood and tufted headboard is a hybrid headboard. It boasts ample wood paired with tufted fabric. You might even want to consider going with a jute tufted headboard which matches well with the soft warm wood hue. Use tan window treatments throughout the room to further bring out the beauty of wood.

A tufted and wood headboard usually boasts a nice wood border that looks fantastic against paneled walls. You can also opt to just embrace a beige or white wall hue to make the wood and stuffed material truly pop.

If you’re looking to add charm and style to your bedroom, then you’ll definitely want to consider a tufted headboard and check out our 9 sources to find the best headboards online:

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