Using Patterns, Texture & Nature When Staging A Home

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Home staging helps you sell your home faster and for a more impressive price versus leaving the residence bare and vacant.  Adding furnishings and decorating the home’s interior so it looks attractive and feels inviting lets a buyer honestly picture themselves living in the house. Using a combination of textures, patterns, and the beauty of nature creates a home staging backdrop that will appeal to homebuyers.

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Appealing to Millennial Buyers

At this time, millennials make up the largest demographic of homebuyers in the nation.  Interestingly, millennials appear to have a desire to return to the basics to create a better planet for future generations. They focus on being more eco-friendly and embrace green living options.

Staging by No Vacancy Home Staging

When staging a home to sell to a millennial buyer, you should focus strongly on natural elements in the home staging framework. Set the stage for a solid offer by examining incorporating natural elements into the design.

 Focus on adding:

  • Natural lighting to the home’s interior
  • Fresh flowers
  • Living plants
  • Earthy elements

Adding Natural Elements to the Home’s Decor

Staging by No Vacancy Home Staging

Adding a bouquet of fresh flowers to a home’s decor is a great way to breathe fragrant life into the decor and add a color pop to the room. Who doesn’t appreciate flowers?  However, you’ll want to go beyond a simple bouquet of flowers when staging a home with textures, patterns, and nature.

  • Remove any shades, blinds, or heavy curtains from the home to let natural light permeate the abode.
  • Bring the outdoors indoors by not only adding flower bouquets but also clipping branches such as lilacs for spring, pine boughs for winter, or twigs and branches in the fall.
  • Use rustic wood throughout the home as an accent. Reclaimed wood is widely popular. You can create a wood accent wall, use roughhewn furniture, or lay wood flooring to create a woodsy feel to the space.
  • Incorporate stone in the home by adding stone centerpieces, sculptures, and containers. You can even place small pebbles in a bowl and then add tea lights to give the space a spa-like feeling.
  • Add natural fibers to the space with sisal or jute rugs, cotton fabrics, earthy tones of browns, cream or greens, and a variety of baskets.

Using Natural Effects

If you want to stage your home with nature, then think about using a fresh coat of paint. Choose earthy taupe or soft cream hues. You can also add wood or other earthy elements to the space.

Staging by No Vacancy Home Staging

If you opt to redo the home’s flooring, then consider eco-friendly flooring choices like cork or bamboo. You can also add a stone kitchen and bathroom counters which are highly functional and beautiful.

Patterns and Home Staging

Patterns in home staging can take a mundane room and make it extraordinary. Choose a neutral pallet for the room and then add color pops to the space to create a finished appearance. Ideally, you want to create a balance between the colors and textures of the room. 

Start your home staging with patterns with a natural and clean space. Choose colors like cream, white or gray as a backdrop in each room. Now you can paint the room by adding patterns via accessories and art. You can create a great depth of space. The prints will make a visual impact against the neutral background. The space also won’t’ feel cluttered or sad.

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Try to pick a single bold print for the room. Think about using a striped rug as the focal point in the room and then build around the rug. You can add wall art or use wallpaper to draw the eyes in the space. You can also add other splashes to the space such as florals or gingham.

Staging by No Vacancy Home Staging

Staging by No Vacancy Home Staging

Consider layering by using the colors in the bold print to form a color scheme. Browns, beiges, and creams are all very calming uses. Remember, you don’t want to overuse too many cold colors in a room, or it will feel chaotic and out of sync. The home buyer won’t feel relaxed when they enter the home but will feel confused or out of whack because of the overwhelming shades. Any time you use home staging, you want the environment to feel welcoming without too many distractions.

Solid Colors and Patterns

Patterns bring an air of excitement to home staging. However, avoid using too many patterns if the room is small or it’ll feel unnatural. When adding art and accessories to the space focus on solid colors such as the hues found in your prints. You can add solid-colored throws, pillows, and other accessories in the shades you pick.

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 Never place a multitude of prints side by side. Instead, break up the patterns with solids. An example of this would be using a print sofa and adding solid throw pillows surrounded by solid-hued vases, decorations, or other artwork.

When using patterns in a room, focus on matching prints that have a similar appearance. If you have a focal wall, then pick complementary floral patterns that match the wall for the sofa or bedding in the room. You can also add accessories that share the same colors.

If you are using a large floral print, then use a smaller flower pattern somewhere else in the room. Try to use various sizes to create a subdued feeling in the room.

You will walk a tightrope with patterns. Too many patterns can negatively affect buyers. You want to blend everything and create homeostasis within the room. If you are decorating the room with Asian-inspired decor, then focus on patterns that truly originate from that region of the world. You would not find polka dots in Asian decor.

Staging by No Vacancy Home Staging

Mixing and matching patterns, prints, and nature in home staging can truly make the room memorable. You want to create a strong impression of the space to ensure a rapid home sale.

For more home staging tips and aid, contact No Vacancy Home Staging.

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