Home Staging Matters Even in a Seller’s Market

By January 14, 2022Home Staging

Agents and sellers may ask themselves “Do we really need to stage a home in a seller’s market?”  Make your home shine with staging to ensure a quick sale and attract higher offers or even multiple offers in which one should take advantage of having such a market where sellers are hungry to find the perfect home especially in a low inventory market. You’ll want to ensure that your ‘for sale’ listing stands out from the competition by dressing it up to feel truly homey and make an impression.

Staged by No Vacancy Home Staging

Sellers want their house to stand out from the rest to attract a buyer. Statistics have shown that a staged home sells 88% faster, which gives a seller an edge over the competition. Nowadays, with much of the market experience, so-called ‘seller’s market’ houses are selling faster than ever before. However, you want your home to sell for top dollar, so staging can give it the nudge it needs to shine.

Let’s examine why you might consider staging your home to attract the perfect homebuyer and cinch the deal.

Buyers Should Emotionally Connect With the Home – Thanks to Staging

Home staging lets buyers develop an emotional connection to the home. They instantly fall in love with the residence and envision spending time with their family within the warm, cozy walls. When buyers have an attachment to the house, they are usually willing to pay more, and bidding wars can erupt.

Once a buyer is engaged, they are more willing to go the extra mile to close the deal. They will commit and even increase their offer. Also, once a buyer is in love with the home, they are less likely to back out of the deal or change their mind if an inspection goes awry and requires repairs.

Staged Listings and the Appraisal Process

Staged by No Vacancy Home Staging

You might be wondering what staging has to do with the appraisal process. Homes quickly go under contract in a hot seller’s market, but many will fall through. Buyers are often scrambling to secure a home even if they are not entirely in love with the residence.

A staged home grabs the buyer’s heartstrings and makes them truly feel a connection. If the house should come back with a plumbing problem or some other necessary repair, the buyer who is in love with the home will typically take the steps needed to ensure that the house receives the necessary repairs so the deal can go forward without another hitch.

The National Association of Realtors 2021 Profile of Home Staging found that a quarter of all buyers will overlook a home if it has faults if the house has been staged. The staging of the residence helps the buyer feel closer to the home.

Increases the Home’s Perceived Value 

Staging lets you hide or minimize the negatives of the property—first impressions matter. When a would-be buyer enters the home, there should not be any clutter, and, ideally, the area should have been depersonalized to reduce distractions. You want the buyer to envision their lives in the home and not yours.

Staged by No Vacancy Home Staging

Paint the walls a neutral color to brighten up the area and remove any dated window treatments. Have the furniture strategically arranged with no bulky pieces that can make the space seem cluttered or tiny. Such simple updates increase the perceived value and help to enhance the structure’s unique features.

Buyers are often willing to overlook property faults when the home is staged.

Better Visualization


Buyers can visualize themselves in the home.

As mentioned, when a buyer enters your home, you want them to visualize spending their lives in the residence. A dark empty house feels cold and unloved. It’s hard to imagine the space with accessories and furnishings. Staging a house helps buyers visualize their furniture in the home, and they can quickly tell if the house matches their particular lifestyle. You want the house to feel inviting and spacious.

A Picture Speaks Volumes


Your home is going to be marketed online and in flyers via photos. The first impression many buyers get of the residence is what they see in an image. If they don’t find the picture appealing, they might pass on viewing the property, and you will miss a potential sale.

Home staging helps market the pictures. Almost all home buyers search online for their next house, and they will closely examine the house listing before making a decision. Staging a home and making it photo-ready helps influence the buyer’s decision to view the property in person and make an offer.

Proper Use of Space

Staged by No Vacancy Home Staging

When a room is bare, it’s hard to envision measurements and space. Many buyers have a hard time imagining how they would decorate the space. An empty room feels cold and small when not staged. Staging a home lets a buyer see how to use the area effectively. They can envision how they could position others on stuff in the room to make it feel cozier.

The Feel of Move-In Ready

Home staging lets a buyer feel like a house is move-in ready. Buyers won’t focus on the flaws of the home, such as changing the paint color, remodeling a kitchen, or finishing a bathroom, because the staging detracts from the drawbacks of the space. They will feel like the home is move-in ready, thanks to the professional skills of home stagers.

If you want your home to sell quickly and easily, then home staging is considered. Most believe it is money well spent!  You’ll grab the attention and heartstrings of the buyer to close the deal. Undoubtedly, staged homes sell quicker and with fewer problems.

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