Easy DIY Updates to Sell Your Home Faster

First impressions are everything and you want to make sure the first time you list your home it’s the only time. Making a few simple updates to your home before you list it can help you get your home sold in record time, possibly for a higher than your list price. Spend some time this summer on DIY updates to your home’s living spaces for a neat and inviting appearance.

Add Pop of Color on Front Door

Make your home stand out with a bold door color. Showing some attention to the home’s curb appeal will instantly drive buyer traffic while staying within your budget.

Focus on the Kitchen – the New Hangout

If we have learned anything over the past year it is that we all look for a functional and comfortable place to gather in our homes- that space is more often than not the kitchen. If you’re contemplating what you should update first, make it the kitchen. Bigger pantries and increased cabinet storage are top kitchen trends that are sure to please all potential buyers.

Brighten Up with White

Add bright whites to open up your living spaces throughout a home cause one thing is for sure this color never goes out of style. Neutral colors may not show the home in its best form, so in addition to the taupes and beiges, add light, bright whites to your space – it just simplifies things.

Change Out Old Tile

Along with a change in hardware and paint color, updating the tile in your bathrooms can brighten up your space. The right kind of tile will make your space feel bigger and much more presentable. A classic white subway tile is always a good, timeless option that works with most design styles. Don’t let cracked, dingy tile scare your potential buyers away!

Freshen up the Curb Appeal

Staging the outdoor spaces of your home is equally as important as staging the inside. As the weather is warming up, buyers are interested in making sure they can fall in love with the outdoor spaces as well. Play up your space by adding fire pits and accessories so the buyers can imagine entertaining family and friends.

Try a NEW Paint Color

Colors rich in earth tones and natural colors are trending this year, so try updating your bedroom or living room walls with a new color. Choosing a color like green works to energize and ground a room. Popular green paint colors paired with natural materials can complement every room in your home.

Add Crown Molding

Crown molding added around the door frames of your home will impress prospective buyers as soon as they enter the home. This cosmetic update is simple and easy to do yourself- it is certainly worth it to give your space a polished appearance.

Install New Hardware

If you don’t have the budget or time for a full renovation, replace the old, dingy hardware for sleek, nickel, or brass hardware. Replacing the hardware will give your kitchen and bathroom cabinets an upgraded and clean look. Pair new hardware with a fresh coat of neutral paint for a more attractive look. Try new fixtures that have a spa-like quality with a timeless finish like nickel or brushed brass.

Try a Savvy Stain

Hardwood floors are a great asset to any home. Highlight the floors by pulling up the rug and adding a few coats of stain. The fresh stain gives your home a new look while disguising the wear and tear.

Go For Stylish Ceiling Fans + Light Fixtures

Invest in replacing the ceiling fans and light fixtures in your home. Whether you go for a more modern or a contemporary style, the dated ceiling fan that came when you bought the house needs to be taken away. Prioritize the high traffic areas like the living and dining rooms first, then move on to the bedrooms. The light fixtures in a space can drastically change the look and feel of a space.

Stage your Outdoor Space

Take some time to make your outdoor space feel approachable and as attractive as possible without having to break the bank. Draw buyers in with a simple, budget friendly dining set and string lights on your patio. Add an outdoor rug and a few potted plants to help paint a picture of a charming space for the family to gather.

Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Fresh landscaping at the front of the house makes a great first impression. The pop of color paired with varying the height of the plants will give your home a beautiful entrance. Carve out some time to cut down any overwhelming greenery surrounding your door and replace the overgrown shrubbery with foundation plants. Updating the curb appeal of your home can increase the sale price by up to 12.7%. You can also pick up some tools to replace your old mailbox and door numbers to give an inviting and elegant appearance.

Remove the Popcorn Ceilings

Make removing the popcorn ceilings a priority before putting your home on the market. The removal process is fairly simple and to keep within safe limits of your budget, try doing it yourself. That will be one less project that may deter potential buyers from making an offer.

Focus on the Floors

A pet-stained carpet or dingy and dated flooring can definitely be a letdown for buyers. If you don’t have hardwood flooring, try a budget-friendly laminate option that will make a great impression. For your carpet flooring, make sure you focus on shampooing the carpet. Don’t let stains from pets or kids mess up your sale. Prioritize high-traffic spaces like the living room and kitchen first when making your budget.

Stage It to Sell!

Home Staging is a detailed plan to prepare your home to sell not just a quick de-clutter and a once-over with a mop! Staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than homes sold vacant. Staging allows you to show buyers that every part of the home is usable- you may need to bring in professional stagers, but the return on the investment is worth it.

Small changes around the home can have the potential to make an enormous impact on the sale. Address the cosmetic updates in order from high to least traffic areas and make sure you complete the most obvious projects before you list your home. Buyers don’t want to see a work in progress, they want to feel like the space is finished and move-in-ready.

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