Family Friendly Fire Pits & Accessories for Backyard Fun this Summer

By May 22, 2021Outdoor

Family Friendly Fire Pits & Accessories for Backyard Fun this Summer

With summer on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space with a new focal point. Fire pits are a great addition to light up any backyard. You’ll instantly have a natural place for all of your family and friends to gather for conversations, s’mores and even some grilling. Check out our favorites to add to your home this summer.

First things first, if you don’t already have a fire pit you have many options to choose from. The two main types are units that run on wood and units that run on gas. If you’re looking for more of a campfire feel, use wood. You’ll get the crackling sounds and sparks just like you would with a handmade fire. On the other hand, gas pits give you a lot more control over the fire and range of tons of beautiful pit designs. You can also choose a pit under or on top of ground. Keep your family’s safety concerns in mind when making your decision.

New Focal Point

Adding a fire pit creates and instant gathering space for friends and family- so create a luxury ambiance in your backyard using a propane-powered fire pit table. A pit with a sleek design and wood finish features will warm up your space. Add a glass wind guard for a more modern appeal without compromising the view of the flames.

Fire Pit Chic

An iron fire pit may be understated, but it will look amazing for a contemporary outdoor lounge. The pit will have a large pedestal lift and a deep circular bowl. Adding a mesh screen on top will keep any pieces of burning wood from flying out of place. Surround the pit with some patio furniture that will be sure to create and outdoor oasis for your guests.

Stacked-Stone Fire Pit

Add to your farmhouse decor with a stacked-stone fire pit that creates an immediate cozy feeling. With a mesh screen and a fire poker to keep the flames in control the weather resistant wood burning pit is perfect for an all night gathering. A stone fire pit will definitely add a cozy feel to your space, so picking the type of stone is just as important for your space.

A Compact and Portable Centerpiece

Don’t count out the possibility of having a fire pit just because your outdoor space is tiny. A tabletop fire bowl provides a cozy feeling in a compact form. You can transfer them from your dining table to your patio table with no hassle. Another option, is adding portable pit. They are convenient to use and can easily be hooked up to a regular propane tank. Whether you’re using it for camping or just to hang out in the backyard with your friends, an easy to handle fire pit that does not require a ton of space is ideal. The Solo Stove Bonfire draws in air from the bottom and feeds heated oxygen from the top, leaving almost no smoke or ash to have to clean.



Mixed Metals

Combining different metals in contrast to an iron frame will bring a contemporary design to your space. The wood burning design can be paired with neutral tones or vibrant hues as well.

Make a Statement

Get your outdoor space into shape with this spherical fire pit. The wood-burning design is crafted from durable steel and boasts an inky finish that complements all color palettes. Each pit comes with a stylish spark screen, a cover, a log grate and a sleek fire poker.

Deep Bowl

The lattice design in a rich, oil-rubbed bronze finish instantly brings style to your backyard. The 34-inch fire pit has ample space for firewood and includes drainage holes to help guard against rusting. A mesh lid and poker are also included.


Add a Spark Screen

With little ones roaming around, adding a spark screen will provide a protective covering so your family gatherings stay safe. Mesh screens are convenient to find and store and are certainly affordable. They match just about every fire pit style.


Try a Fire Pit Grill

Now that the weather is finally warming up, it’s the perfect time to start grilling. Add a grill gate to your wood fire pit and ditch the hassle of carrying last summer’s bulky old grill to your campsite. You can look forward to the warm feeling of being with your family by spending the entire evening outdoors. Start with grilling your hot dogs, and burgers over the fire pit and then you can simply remove the grill gate and roast marshmallows for desserts.


Marshmallow Roasters

Instead of using basic sticks from your back garden, get a marshmallow roaster in a silhouette of branches to roast hot dogs and marshmallows or whatever else you like. You’ll get the cozy feeling of roasting s’mores over the fire without having to search for and clean sticks. Combine the roasters with a s’mores kit filled with homemade graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate bars and hot cocoa to give your family and friends a wonderful experience. You can even add some top shelf, salted caramel flavored whiskey for a decadent taste.

Campfire Popcorn

At the end of the evening, while listening to stories over the campfire and singing campfire songs, nothing is better than some fresh popcorn. Skip the microwave and use a handy popcorn popper.

Wine Table

The perfect solution to lugging around a cooler and drink carriers is to get a wine table. You can store your bottle of red along with your glasses safely in the built in spaces on the table.
Summer days are definitely better when you get to share it with the people you love. Surrounding the fire pit table with tons of conversations, foods, and games is the perfect way to bring in the warm weather. Spruce up your backyard to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests to make a lifetime of memories.

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