Add Palm Beach Chic to Glam Up Your Exterior Spaces

Are you looking for a design theme for your outdoor patio or living space? Take a look at the Palm Beach Chic style. Palm Beach is a Florida town on the Atlantic Ocean, famous for its impressive real estate, sunny weather, and bold signature style. Palm Beach Chic invites bold prints and rich, tropical colors as you’d expect from a Florida-inspired design style. What makes it distinct is how it blends these bright colors and patterns to create a refined and relaxed vibe perfect for an outdoor deck.

What is Palm Beach Chic?

The Palm Beach style combines rich colors with casual luxury. Some call it a mix between tropical and Hollywood glam, but without emphasizing geometry and architecture, as you’d find in Miami art deco. Think about a laid-back beach vibe but executed in an upscale way.

Naturally, this classic and chic style borrows from every aspect of sea life that surrounds it with a dash of glam while it incorporates many coastal colors, but it also uses graphic patterns. The color palette uses ample whites to contrast the rich colors and graphic designs. Accents of gold are acceptable.

A Palm Beach chic theme for your outdoor space captures the vivid lifestyle of summer. With its bright colors and patterns, you’ll be thinking about the beach and sunset entertaining all season long.

To create a Palm Beach chic outdoor space, work towards incorporating the following design elements:


#1 – Woven Furniture

The Palm Beach style uses natural material furniture. Select pieces made of wicker, bamboo, or rattan. You can add woven furniture like end tables, lounge chairs, or patio dining chairs. Clean and neutral is acceptable, but you can paint the furniture pieces white or blue to create a statement piece. If you do opt to paint them, consider getting it professionally done using auto body paint. It will be more resistant to the outdoor elements.


#2 – Modern and Contemporary Furniture Styling

You don’t necessarily need to go wicker or rattan for your furniture. Another option for outdoor entertaining pieces to capture the Palm Beach chic mood is any sleek and contemporary furniture. Stage your outdoor space with tables or chairs that reflect a modern or mid-century vintage style. You want simple lines and minimalist features.


#3 – Use the Palm Beach Color Palette

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You can’t have a Palm Beach chic theme without the vibrant, tropical colors. The Palm Beach colors are bold and energetic. To create your Palm Beach outdoor space, use colors such as turquoise, coral, flamingo pink, mint, sunshine yellow, lime green, or navy blue. Select just a few that speak to you. For example, navy blue, coral, mint, and white balance well against each other. Using all the colors will overwhelm the space.

White is used to offset these bold and crisp colors. Gold accents add a touch of glam and refined luxury but balance the gold with your color choices.

Mix and mingle these colors in your outdoor furniture cushion, the rug under the patio table, and the tablecloth. Add these colors to the decor, such as the lighting sconces, table settings, wall art, and umbrella.


#4 – Incorporate Patterns

The Palm Beach chic style is bold in color and bold with patterns. Stripes, floral, animal print, or metallic prints are embraced within the style. So use the colors, but also try using a striped rug or a patterned tablecloth. Perhaps your sunshade umbrella has a seashell print.

Another way to add patterns to an outdoor space by hanging latticework. Paint with one of the Palm Beach colors for an added pop.

Remember, strive for a balance of vivid colors and white. If your accent pieces incorporate all your selected colors, consider making your table or chairs and white. Vice versa, if you have a brightly patterned tablecloth, perhaps your accent pieces are in white.


#5 – Add Plants

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Add to the tropical vibe by including natural plants in rustic or painted planters around your outdoor space. To nail the Palm Beach vibe, look for palms, succulents, bamboo, or ornamental grasses. If you opt for flowers, go for bright, tropical flowers like hibiscus or bird of paradise. The bougainvillea is a popular flowering shrub in south Florida and blossoms with vibrant flowers. If it grows in your area, be aware it can grow up to 40 ft high if not properly pruned.


#6 – Borrow from the Sea

The Palm Beach style wouldn’t be complete without decor elements inspired by the ocean.  Who doesn’t like to collect sea shells, sand dollars, starfish or any beach mementos from your summer travels to the Gulf or Atlantic oceans. Think about using nautical accents, such as a rope to hang lighting or coral sculptures for your outdoor table. Use containers decorated with starfish, shells, or sand dollar accents. Shell lamps can add character to your outdoor lighting while capturing the theme.


#7 – The Outdoor Bar

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Create an outdoor bar area in the Palm Beach style. Dial it up with a glitzy, glamorous bar cart of metallic gold or another modern style. Use some appropriately themed ice buckets and serving ware. If you’re tight on space, create a flip-down buffet using plywood. Add some simple bar seating for your guests and enjoy the atmosphere.

Going Palm Beach in Your Outdoor Space

Big or small, channeling the Palm Beach chic works for exterior spaces of all sizes especially around the pool. Bring the saturated shades and laid-back luxe of timeless Palm Beach style even Lily Pullitzer would be in awe of as the perfect complement to an outdoor area. If you’re looking for an outdoor decor style with elegance and color, try the Palm Beach chic.


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