10 Budget Friendly Ways to Stage Outdoor Spaces

By May 28, 2021Outdoor

Staging Outdoor Spaces

Taking the time to make the outdoor spaces as approachable and attractive as possible is just as crucial for securing a buyer as the interior staging process! After all, your home’s outdoor living space is just as much a part of your home as the living room or the kitchen; don’t let it fall to the wayside.

Naturally, families tend to gather in common spaces with a warm and inviting feel; this summer, make your patio the focus. When you start to stage your outdoor space, you want to make your patio more appealing to the entire house hold by creating or highlighting the distinct areas like a lounge, or outdoor kitchen and dining room. Transform your porch, patio or deck into a dreamy, one-of-a-kind relaxation zone with these budget-friendly tips and project ideas.

Stick to a Simple Palette

First things first, just like when staging indoors, start by giving the space a deep clean. A mess outdoors can turn off a potential buyer as quickly as stained carpets throughout the house. If you’re working with a small outdoor space, the last thing you need is clutter. You can use sleek patio furniture to make the most of minimalistic elements. Use low, white coffee tables and seating for a finished look. When staging small outdoor spaces, less is more. So no need to go overboard with bright patterns and colors.

Turn Crates Into a Server With Storage

We all love multifunctional pieces of furniture, right? A perfect way to stay on budget while you add durable furniture to your space is by upcycling simple wooden crates into versatile pieces of decor. They can be made to be a coffee table with storage underneath or even a new home for your plants.

Transform Cinderblocks Into a Boho Bench

Another tip that will test your DIY skills is making a cozy bench using cinderblocks. Take the heavy cinderblocks that have just been sitting in your backyard and use them to reclaim your space. Add a comfy throw blanket and some extra pillows for the perfect extra seating. You could even let them work as planters.

Define the Space With a Weather-Resistant Rug

Whether indoors or outdoors, one of the most important steps to staging is to clearly define the different spaces. When working outdoors, use a large area rug to create a distinct living room. Be sure to use a rug that is weatherproof and resistant to elements like rain harsh winds. Layer your couch or seating and coffee table on top of the rug  to add dimension and make even a tiny space feel big.

Warm Up Your Exterior Spaces With Natural Touches

Break up the metals with some natural textures and finishes. Too much industrial furniture can feel cold and stiff, which is the last thing you want when staging. It’s important to balance the glossy surfaces with natural textures and finishes. Adding some rattan or wicker chairs will add some warmth to your seating area. Customize it with cushions or throw pillows that complement the other seating areas in this space.

Use Greenery to Make It Feel Organic

What would an oasis be without lush greenery? Help your space feel far away from everyday stressors and breathe a sigh of relief every time you step outside by putting in planters overflowing with foliage. You’ll notice that the more types of containers you use, from freestanding to hanging, the more organic the setting will look. The exterior is the first impression potential homebuyers will have of your home and you want to be sure the plants you add give your home that wow factor!

Embrace Artificial Grass

As this high-end sitting area demonstrates, we’ve come a long way from the neon turf that covered sports stadiums half a century ago. There are now countless tasteful ways to get the look of a lawn without setting your water meter spinning or spending all of your spare time gardening — and they feel pretty great on bare feet, too.

Add Bistro Lights for Ambiance

Let the buyers imagine conversations and family gatherings  lingering well past dinner by adorning your space with bistro lights. Larger bulbs like this will cast your dining table in the most flattering glow and dial up the ambiance. If you put them on a timer, you can also save a little money and energy, while enjoying their glow night after night.

Always Opt for Comfy Dining Chairs

When space and budget are limited, every decision regarding furniture, plants and other decor elements is crucial. So, if you’re deciding what outdoor dining furniture you should look into purchasing something comfy.  If you don’t have space for lounging furniture, you and your guests will enjoy spending a lot of time in padded like dining chairs. Trust us, you’ll be thanking yourself for thinking ahead.

Add Cozy Factor to Outdoor Furniture

Durable, outdoor throw blankets can bust your budget in a snap. Get the same casual look and feel at a fraction of the cost by opting for Turkish bath towels instead. Layer these oversized, cotton fabrics underneath your outdoor pillows for an instant pop of colorful, cozy style. The best part? They dry in a flash and are easy to pop in the washer to clean.

With the summer slowly on the horizon, being outdoors is definitely on everyone’s mind. Staging your home is a complex process, and it’s important to make sure you don’t miss any of the finer details—like creating a charming and eye-catching backyard patio, deck or even the front porch spaces. Make the process ten times easier by hiring a reputable and experienced staging company to ensure every aspect of your home is well taken care of!



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