Plants That Add Instant Curb Appeal

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Top 10 Plants That Add Instant Curb Appeal When Selling a home

Your home’s exterior is as important as the interior when it comes to staging a home for sale especially in the warmer seasons. It is the first impression potential homebuyers will have of your home and you want to be sure it has the most beautiful entrance to knock out your competition in the neighborhood!

Woman gardening in her front yard

Curb appeal is key to making your home look inviting and attractive from the street and when done right, curb appeal and landscaping could fetch your home around 5.5% to 12.7% more in sales price. Here are 10 outdoor plants that are easy to locate at your local Home Depot, Lowes, or neighborhood nursery that will definitely add that wow factor that starts right at the curb!

Boxwood plants in front of an elegant home


Evergreens are a great start to boost your curb appeal; boxwoods add structure to your yard and make a great foundation. If you are starting from scratch and you need to fill the empty exterior of your home, boxwoods are ideal. Add them to the borders of your garden paired with annuals and other plants with year-round interest for seasonal color and character.

white hydrangeas


Whether you are an experienced gardener or not, Hydrangeas are perfect to add to your landscaping. Hydrangeas are easy to grow and need little maintenance but they are beautiful when they bloom. Most will thrive in morning sun and afternoon shade. Add lush, leafy hydrangeas to camouflage an unattractive foundation. Make sure to avoid planting them directly under trees to ensure they receive the necessary moisture and nutrients. Paired with evergreen shrubs and conifers, your hydrangeas will provide winter interest when the plants drop their leaves.

Plant urns placed on the front steps of a modern home

Front Door Urns

Add urns to each side of your front door for some instant curb appeal. Plant your urns with Pinpoint Blue false cypress; they naturally grow as narrow columns and take up little space in the landscape so they won’t block your entrance. Pair them with plants such as calibrachoas and pulmonarias for some additional vibrant color. Front door urns are the best way to frame a trendy bold colored door that will certainly make your home stand out and increase buyer traffic.

large patch of Hostas in the front yard of a home property


Hostas love the shade and are perfect for the bare spots under trees. Use them around shrubs and in the borders of your garden; the variety of leaf shades and sizes will standout to make a great first impression. They are reliable and easy to grow! Their long lives and variety of height, texture, and color allow them to fit well in many different kinds of gardens.

Arborvitae plant


Arborvitaes are fast-growing evergreens available in a range of sizes. Use them in hedges as privacy screens and borders; they grow into a spherical shape and top out around thirty inches tall and wide. Arborvitaes are perfect for dressing up your foundation or even edging a walkway or driveway.

Coral honeysuckle plants

Coral Honeysuckle

Coral Honeysuckle is a beautiful, fast blooming plant that adds vibrant color and sweet scents that are sure to attract hummingbirds and potential buyers. It provides a great cover for trellises and fences and it is very tolerant of both heat and drought. In very warm climates, the leaves are evergreen, a perfect contrast to the shades of red, yellow, and coral pink of the flowers. Coral Honeysuckle is an excellent plant to create an amazing first impression of your home. The beauty from the flowers themselves as well as the butterflies and songbirds they attract will definitely emulate a naturally inviting home.

Thuja plants placed on front steps


If you’re looking for some privacy for a secluded and cozy feeling, try Thuja. It is a fast-growing evergreen that grows three to five feet every year; plant them around your property and enjoy the lush foliage all year round. Interestingly enough, Thuja plants also contain properties that aid in reducing inflammation in the sinuses and tonsils. It is also used as a fragrance component for soaps and a flavoring agent in food and beverages.

Cleveland Pear Tree

Cleveland Pear

The Cleveland pear is perfect for spring; they bloom best with white flowers during springtime and require lots of sun to reach their full potential. They can even reach thirty to forty feet at maturity with a fifteen to twenty feet spread. In addition to its ability to grow fast, it is adaptable to many soil types and is drought tolerant and pest resistant- perfect for areas with a hotter climate that may not get a lot of shade.

Rhododendrons planted in the front yard of a home property


The Rhododendrons are evergreen shrubs that are another perfect plant for the foundation of your garden; they add structure and varieties for the surrounding flowers and plants. Place the slow-growing, dwarf varieties under windows for the best turnout. Rhododendron is certainly a show-stopping spring flower, and the shorter varieties require much less maintenance.

Woman planting Clematis in the front yard


With varieties of white, purple, and pink flowers, they add vibrancy to your garden during late summer and fall. Clematis is one of the most decorative and attractive flowering vines and they can blossom and grow with little or lots of sun. It is a strong climbing vine that can grow up to thirty feet in only a few months with over three hundred species.

Bright flowers and foliage are perfect for adding charm to your home’s exterior. This spring and summer, spend some time revamping your yard. Whether your home has a stunning curb appeal or not, first impressions are everything and it starts before a home buyer even enters the house. Maximize the attributes of your yard by adding plants that highlight and frame your home. Impressive curb appeal can bring more attention and even increase the value of your home.

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