Outdoor Patio Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

By April 29, 2019Outdoor
Outdoor patio design with high-end furnishings.

Get Creative with These Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

Spring is underway and summer is close by, and this means that now is the time to freshen up or create an outdoor oasis that you, your family, and guests can enjoy. With a large patio and yard, or even with the smallest yard, your decorating dreams and goals can be achieved. Here, we offer you different inspirations to go with, creating a look of the South Hamptons or a cozy space found in urban areas. Continue reading for easy to implement patio design ideas for your space.

Outdoor patio with luxury pool.

Make It Your Comfy Place To Hideaway

Outdoor patio set

For yourself or for entertaining guests this summer, in addition to the food you be serving, your patio will be the focus. Plush cushioned furniture with decorative, fun throw pillows will bring the indoor comforts to your outdoor space, creating a delightful patio. Add a table cloth that matches the pillows and a few mismatched garden chairs, will give it a country-chic appearance.

Tranquil patio area with string lights and upscale furniture.Where there is a pool, give your patio a Mediterranean style make-over. String lights along a pergola, creating a romantic, warm feeling in the evening and green plants for sophistication during the day. Potted plants placed in clusters at the corners and wood furniture will add to the sophistication.

Give your patio the look of a rustic California patio with a daybed covered with a Turkish style towel and throw pillows to match. Or place chaise lounges around the pool in all white with matching umbrellas for a stylish look from the Hamptons. A classic backyard is always a winner with steel furniture from the mid-20th-century and unique sculpture in the flowerbed.

Fire It Up For Warmth, Even On A Summer Night

Patio furniture by an outdoor fire place

Nothing makes a patio warm and welcoming better than a fire after the sun goes down. If your patio has room, adding an outdoor fireplace will do the trick, and for a smaller patio, a fire pit works as well. These features will last through the spring, summer and into the autumn.

Outdoor kitchen

Where there is room, bringing the indoors to the patio with a kitchen. Granite countertops, stainless sink, and a refrigerator as well as a stovetop and a grill. You can fix the sides while one person mans the grill, all while visiting with your guests.

Patio Design Ideas You Can’t Forget

No matter what style you choose to go with, make sure you have plenty of chairs and tables that are roomy enough for your guests to enjoy their meal as well as the company seated beside them. Lighting is important when entertaining in the evenings, making sure they are placed so that bugs are an issue with the meal. And if you’ll be enjoying this outdoor oasis, consider having stereo music piped in or adding a television where you and your guests can enjoy a baseball game while dining and visiting.

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