Get Your Home Ready to Sell: 5 Spring Home Staging Tips

By February 23, 2018Home Staging

It’s no surprise that spring is the most popular time to buy or sell a house, with March and April being especially busy months in real estate.  Spring is a time for new beginnings, renewals, and a fresh start, and is there any better example of a fresh start than buying or selling your home?  If you are selling your home this spring, you may be facing stiff competition from a crowded housing market.  You can give your home the advantage with these 5 Spring Home Staging Tips that buyers will love!

Stage the Exterior of Your Home for Spring

Before you walk through the inside of your home to stage it for buyers, look at the exterior of your home.  This is the first thing prospective buyers will see, and after the long months of winter, your yard, porch, and front of your home need to be staged to make those first impressions count right at the curb!  Adding a porch swing or a small conversation set will immediately make visitors think of relaxing on the porch with a cup of coffee and enjoying the gorgeous warm weather.

One of the simplest ways to stage your exterior is to apply a fresh coat of paint, add potted flowers and a new welcome front door mat.  Select a vibrant wreath for the front door that stands out from your home colors so prospective buyers will immediately notice it.  Make sure the front yard is nicely landscaped and has fresh pine straw or mulch.  Are those house numbers visible on your home or mailbox? Their visibility is important so that buyers and agents can find the house accordingly.

Let the Sunshine In

One of the top must-haves on new home buyers’ wish lists is finding a  home that offers natural light.   Natural light not only makes a room feel larger, it also makes a room feel airy and can be both soothing and energizing.   This is especially true after the short winter days and feeling cooped up indoors.

Bring the spring sunshine into your home by taking down heavy drapes and window coverings to create more clean lines and of course bring more light into a room.  Toss the scented candles and open the windows to bring in the fresh breezes and release any musty smells or pet odors.   Prospective buyers will most likely love smelling the fresh cut grass of the neighborhood as they walk through your home.

Welcome Buyers with Flowers

Instead of staging with forgettable accessories or leaving out your personal belongings, bring color and beauty into your home with fresh floral arrangements.  Fresh cut spring flowers, such as daffodils, tulips, or lilac blossoms provide lovely pops of color and pleasant fragrance.  Even more importantly, they make the house feel like a home while providing the lack of personalization that allows buyers to see themselves living there with their family.

As prospective buyers walk through the home, vases, and containers of fresh flowers adds a special, welcoming touch, especially compared to generic knick-knacks or overly personal family photos.  Don’t feel obligated to create huge arrangements, keeping it simple is best!  Just a few blooms in a slim, glass vase or larger blossoms in a rustic, metal container adds a great touch.

Remove Clutter and Embrace Spaciousness

When you think of a home that is ready for spring, you think curtains blowing in the breeze, sunshine streaming through windows, and a feeling of airy spaciousness.  You probably don’t think about bulky armoires, large desks, or china cabinets.  Removing bulky furniture and clutter makes a room feel larger and allows buyers to walk through the home more easily.

The feeling of heaviness also applies to textiles in the home.  Dark, heavy upholstery, rugs, and bedspreads also take away from a home’s airy feel.  Lighten up with linen or cotton slipcovers in shades of cream, pale blue, or soft green, lightweight duvets, and rugs in natural materials.

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