8 Bar Cart Ideas to Style Like a Pro

By September 10, 2019Decorating
Glass bar cart with high-end decor.

Bar Carts are Staging a Come Back!

Whether you like to host parties and entertain or just be able to make cocktails whenever you please, bar carts are back IN, but not as your parents knew them.  Chic bar carts are so appealing that they can be rolled outside with drinks and snacks or whisked indoors at the first drop of rain. These days its purpose is not only to enable a party atmosphere but has become a way to add a piece of room jewelry to any living space rather than a practical go-to. There are all kinds and styles of bar carts to match your personality and home decor. We’ve narrowed down 8 easy bar cart ideas to incorporate in your home.

Not only are there different styles, but there are also so many ways to decorate and stylize your bar cart. From adding color to using books to matching the seasons, decorating your bar cart has never been more fun.

Check out these 8 Swanky Bar Cart Ideas…

Keep it Simple

A good rule of thumb when decorating is to keep everything simple. And this rule definitely applies when it comes to your bar cart.  If you add too many items to your cart, you make it difficult for your guests to make their drinks. They might not be able to find what they need, they might knock things over, or they might be overloaded with all the options available.

By keeping your bar cart simple, guests can easily make their drinks and get back to enjoying the party.  Only keep what you need on the bar cart, even if that means it changes every time you entertain. For example: If you’re hosting a summertime themed event, you only need to include the items necessary to make your refreshing summer beverage. You could even use a dispenser like below to make pouring easy while leaving room for festive cups and garnishes.

Gold bar cart

Use Books

Own a few mixology books? Or maybe use some of your favorite cocktail recipe books stacked on your bar cart so a wealth of cocktail knowledge will be right at your fingertips if you happen to forget the right way to make a Mohito.  Really any flavor of books is a perfect decorating item to add to your bar cart!  This will help add color and interest where you can stack a few on the lowest shelf or simply put some on the top shelf next your bar accessories.  Try to use books that have colorful spines, are varying widths and heights, and really showcase your personality and home decor style.

Bar cart with colorful decor

Add Pops of Color

Nothing looks more inviting than a colorful bar cart. Whether it’s from the glassware, bar accessories, different colored mixers, or the bar cart itself, your party guests (and yourself) are more likely to visit the cart and have fun making drinks.  If you’re hesitant to incorporate color in your barware or glassware, you can also use framed artwork, books, trays (also great for containing your bar accessories), and cocktail napkins.

Blue bar cart in a white room

Or if you’re loving the idea of color, think about spray painting your bar cart a color that is sure to get noticed cause every space needs a bit of life even if it’s just simply adding a vase of fresh flowers or some greenery placed on the top of the bar cart to give a pop of happy color to a room!

Include Sodas or Mocktail Options

Stylish bar wit with decor and drinks

You might think that your bar cart needs to be stocked with only alcoholic drinks. However, not everyone chooses to imbibe at parties and it’s nice to include options that allow them to mix their own version of a drink at the bar cart.

Mocktails (or mock cocktails) can easily be created using sodas, juices, and garnishes. For example, a mocktail magarita can be created with limeade, lime-flavored sparkling water, orange juice, and ice. You can also include a selection of sodas on the bottom shelf of the cart.  Remember to keep the bar cart organized without trying too hard.  Use trays, bowls and the like to divide the bar cart into dedicated zones for all the necessary essentials.

Find a Bar Cart That Matches Your Home Decor Style

When most people think of a bar cart, they think of Mad Men and their traditional style. However, with their latest resurgence in home decor, they have gone under a major transformation and are now available in all shapes and sizes.  From minimalist design to over-the-top flash, bar cart ideas are limitless and offer a style for everyone. We recommend choosing a bar cart that fits the motif of your home while offering space for what you want to showcase it most.

For example: If you’re more of a wine drinker, you might gravitate towards a bar cart where you can hang wine glasses, store wine bottles, display a wine chiller, and arrange wine accessories like wine charms, wine openers, and more.

Style for the Seasons

Bar cart with seasonal decor

Besides having those end of year holiday cocktail parties the bar cart is such a functional decorative item that you can easily change it up even for the seasons like fall or for other special holidays like Valentine’s Day or Halloween.  We love the idea of hanging a fall wreath or banner along the top shelf railing or stocking up on pumpkin spice-flavored vodka. You could also add festive coasters, cocktail napkins, or small seasonal knickknacks to complete your festive look.

Use Texture and Patterns

Another way to make your bar cart pop is to add texture and pattern to your barware, accessories, and bar cart. You can easily do this with your cocktail napkins and glassware. Textured glassware is a conversation starter and also draws people to the bar cart, getting people to create their drinks and mingle with guests.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and use contact paper in any color or pattern like a fun marble pattern to decorate the shelves of your bar cart. This is also a great way to add a pop of color and visual interest to jazz up any bar cart.

Have other bar cart ideas that we missed? We’d love to hear in the comments or on Facebook.  Don’t forget to style your bar cart when staging your home! This is a great way to showcase the entertainment value of your home and living spaces.


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