The Comforts of Fall At Home

By October 10, 2022Decorating

With the days growing shorter, there is a certain crispness in the air. Your home becomes a respite. Autumn is the ideal time to add the comforts of fall inside and even outside your home. Bring warmth and comfort to all your living spaces. Think tree branches with colored leaves, soft furry blankets, flickering candles in your favorite fall scents, you know the vibe and with a few decorations and home refreshers, you can truly embrace the spirit of the season before winter arrives.

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Focus on Color

Mother Nature uses autumn as a time to paint a kaleidoscope of amazing colors as the leaves start to turn orange, yellow, bronze and mahogany. With the brilliant hues occurring outdoors, it’s time to focus on taking your indoor decor to the next step by embracing the season’s palette. Bring out any copper pieces that you might have and highlight them. The aged patina of copper creates a certain undeniable warmth. Focus on using copper vases to hold flowers such as mums. Any copper pieces that you might have can instantly create warmth in a white, mundane room.

Add Pumpkins

What is fall without pumpkins? The globe-shaped charmers are a must-have indoors and outdoors. Whether you choose to purchase real pumpkins or buy artificial pumpkin creations, they are a terrific way to herald in the season. Place pumpkins near your front door, along a walkway outdoors, or use them as a table centerpiece.

You also don’t have to stick solely to pumpkins. You’ll find a nice assortment of colorful and unusual gourds at most supermarkets which can spice things up by adding texture and color variations to any arrangement.

Bring out the Throw Blankets

Fall is a time to snuggle and take comfort out of softness. Textiles add warmth to any room. Pick plaid, orange, or brown throws to create a feeling of softness. Tweeds are a nice touch too. Depending on your home’s decor theme, you might even be able to pull off flannel-themed throws. Drape the throws over chairs, the foot of beds, or the couches. You can even grab a large basket and fill it with folded throws. When using throws to decorate your home, don’t forget matching pillows.

Add Wheat Stalk Bouquets

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In recent years, wheat stalk bouquets have become extremely popular fall decor items. They are remarkably affordable and available eat most craft stores. You can place a bouquet of wheat stalks into a copper tin to create an elegant arrangement. Yes, you can place the bouquet of wheat stalks as a centerpiece on a table, but you can also use them at the entryway of your home or in other unusual locations to grab attention.

The Fireplace

One of the great focal points of fall and winter is always the fireplace. Your eyes naturally gravitate towards the area because you are seeking feelings of warmth. Even if it’s still too warm for a roaring fire, you can still display the fireplace by decorating the mantel with fall decor.

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Place a fall arrangement in the center flanked by taper candles to add ambiance or place pumpkins and gourds along the mantel’s expanse. Some people also enjoy filling simple glass bowls with lovely pinecones. You can even find cinnamon-scented pinecones that quickly add fragrance to the entire room.

Decorative Nut Bowls

Fall is a wonderful time to purchase nuts such as walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, and Brazil nuts. You can place the nuts in decorative small bowls complete with nutcrackers in strategic places around the house. Guests will appreciate the handy snacks and the nuts add charm to the fall decor.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

An often-overlooked room of the home is the bathroom. Add fall charm to the room with bronze, orange, and gold towels, and soap. You can even purchase a small, autumn-inspired shower curtain and carpets. The bathroom is also a suitable place to add candles around the tub.

Create an Outdoor Oasis

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Fall is the perfect time to create a warm outdoor space to enjoy evenings. An outdoor fireplace is a must-have. Gather the family to make smores while you enjoy the changing seasons.

Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Yes, pumpkins look fantastic outdoors, but you can also place stalks of dried corn and other items on your porch to truly show off the season change. Fall plants and flowers such as chrysanthemums and kale also add color to the outdoors as the trees start to change hue. Place the mum sand kale by evergreens to truly show off the hues.

Have a stack of cut firewood to not only prepare for when the mercury truly starts to plummet but to also create a feeling of true autumn. Historically, as the seasons changed, fall was the time to harvest the last of the garden items and to gather firewood in preparation for the long winter months.

Have Fun with Halloween

If you have children or want to thrill the neighborhood youngsters, then why not decorate for Halloween? Putting out a few themed decorations will attract all eyes to your home and show a festive spirit that is often contagious. People find great solace and comfort in neighbors working together to truly enhance the holidays with appropriate decorations.

When autumn arrives, it’s time to change your home’s decor inside and outside to recognize the changing season and to create a comfortable retreat not only for your own family but also for any guests.

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