5 Popular TikTok Interior Designers to Follow

By July 6, 2022Home Staging
Popular TikTok Interior Designers

TikTok emerged as a place to enjoy short, fun videos. It was ideal for those with time constraints seeking a quick laugh. However, now it’s become the ‘go-to’ place for a wide assortment of people seeking information. Home stylists and designers are embracing the platform as a way to showcase the hottest decor and trends.

If you plan to sell your home and you are looking for decorating and inspiration to attract buyers, then you’ll definitely want to start following leading TikTok designers to garner valuable tips. You’ll find everything from maximalist to grand millennial style and everything else that is trending these days. Even the big box stores are also using TikTok to show their product lines and provide design ideas.

We did our research and wanted to share with you some of the biggest TikTok influencers that you should be watching for inspiration and design trend ideas for your home.

Jaclyn Harper @jaclynhdesigns

Photo credit: @jaclynhdesigns

We love Jaclyn Harper’s return to nature views. She features natural textures that also embrace modern elements coupled with eclectic details. At the end of the day, the space she creates is wonderfully welcoming and peaceful.

Photo credit: @jaclynhdesigns

The goal of Jaclyn is always to create spaces that have a cozy and casual ambiance. She strives to make the home a retreat for busy families who want to design on an affordable budget. When examining her design style, you’ll see plenty of translucent glass, natural wood, earthy tones, oranges, and soft white walls.

Photo credit: @jaclynhdesigns

If you are wondering who exactly Jaclyn is then you’ll be happy to know that she has styled and photographed for Buy & Selling, Property Brothers, and Project Bakeover on the Food Network.

Jacyln has over 153,000 followers and uses TikTok to connect with people and share her design passions. Jaclyn Harper @jaclynhdesigns on TikTok and Instagram

Photo credit: @emilyraynadesigns

Emily Shaw @emilyrayna

Emily is all about showing off the hottest modern trends. You’ll see lots of bold colors and geometrics in her designs. She truly embraces the use of shapes and colors to make any room feel large with impressive maximalist fashion.

Photo credit: @emilyraynadesigns

You’ll notice that Emily uses color with her furnishing. She personally describes her style as a mix of industrial, contemporary, eclectic, and midcentury modern. Bright colors are incorporated into all her interior designs.

Emily is a graduate who has a BFA in interior design and architecture. She has a special ability to connect with the younger generation and boasts 5.4 million followers Emily states the following, “My TikTok is a place to explore all of the different design styles because each person and their space is incredibly unique. I love to educate about quality choices within each style to help my audience find what is right for them.”

Photo credit: houseofhipsters.com

Kyla Herbes @houseofhipsters

Kyla incorporates various design elements to create whimsically patterned and chic creations. She likes to make things bold which her followers adore. Kyla’s runs the House of Hipsters blog where she shares DIY design tips with her fans. On TikTok, she has 356,000 followers which she takes on thrifting adventures to show all her shopping finds and how she uses them to create a stylish decor. She always likes to share where she bought something and helps lead her followers in the right direction so they can create similar DIY designs in their homes.

Photo credit: @houseofhispersblog

Kyla has no formal interior design training or educational background, but she truly has a gift. She can blend and create stunning interior designs with colors and patterns. Her decor always looks like a combination of contemporary meets eclectic.  She uses modern furniture and hardware to blend with her many thrifty finds.  

Photo credit: @miztermiller

Justin Miller @mitzermiller

Justin has become immensely popular for his designs with are artsy, eclectic, and maximalist. He states,  “I want my house to feel really collected and traveled instead of looking like a thrift store exploded on it, or I raised my grandma’s house.”

Photo credit: @miztermiller

The decor that he uses is typically vintage, antique or thrift store finds. He can bring together all his many finds to create a truly amazing decor. Although he outlines DIY on his TikTok, he also focuses on budget decorating hacks. He has a true gift for holiday decor ideas.  His followers love his floral arrangements and many painting projects. He often makes curbside finds and focuses on turning them into art. He claims he is somewhere between production and design on his Insta pages and says he has a lot more fun on TikTok! 

Photo credit: mymodernmet.com

Cliff Tan @dearmodern

Cliff is not a newbie to the design world. He is a skilled architect that uses his knowledge of spatial planning and feng shui to create impressive design creations. His TikTok differs from other designers because he focuses on showing how you can use your home’s space and create unparalleled flow.

In his TikTok video, he shows how to use furnishings to create feng shui. He never pushes his followers to make costly purchases. Instead, he examines the furniture his clients own and then uses their current possessions to create an impressive decor.

Photo credit: @dearmodern

He likes to focus on lighting tips and offer advice on artworks. Also, he always nicely outlines how shapes can truly improve a room. Whether he uses clean lives or curves, the unique shapes will create a real personality in the room while embracing a minimalistic style.

Cliff has become a TikTok sensation with an impressive 1.7 million followers. He always focuses on feng shui home arrangements. He says the following, “My approach is to help people with their existing furniture and to transform their spaces just by moving things around. I suppose this is a vastly different approach to conventional interior design, though it’s something that many ‘average’ people need and appreciate.”

On TikTok, followers love the fact that he often directly responds to their questions by offering advice on how they can change their rooms and supplying tips on how they can better incorporate feng shui into their home decor. His famous tagline on TikTok is,  “So now you know.” 

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