Staging to Sell This Spring

By March 5, 2021Home Staging
Staging to Sell This Spring

For many markets in the United States, especially in the south, spring brings increased real estate activity as everyone knows it is the most popular season to buy or sell a home. As flowers, trees, and the rest of nature begin to wake up from winter, take advantage of the fresh and renewed feelings of spring to spruce up your home to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Rejuvenate the Exterior

Woman using watering hose on front porch

Bringing the exterior of your home back to life after winter will help your home stand out from the others on your block. Moving into spring from winter means that the exterior of your home likely needs some attention.

Rework the landscaping around your home by removing dead plants that didn’t make it through the colder months. Bring in fresh mulch and new flowers to brighten your exterior with bright colors.

Woman painting an exterior door

Power wash your siding, sidewalks, and driveways to refresh them and remove any debris left over from the winter.

Remember, curb appeal is important for grabbing the attention of potential buyers.

Bring New Life Into the Entryway

Entryway of a home

Sprucing up your entryway helps your home make a strong first impression with potential buyers. Clean the painted surfaces or apply a new coat of paint if the current paint looks aged. Replace that doormat from the winter. Place new planters or display wreaths with fresh flowers to add color and make the entryway feel less dull.

Make Those Windows Shine

Your windows accumulate dirt and grime during the winter. A quick cleaning of the interior and exterior glass allows more natural light to flow through the panes while making the entire room feel more clean.


Living room with lots of light

Natural light always brightens a room and it is ideal to open blinds and drapes and leave them open during showings and open houses.  We suggest removing any heavy drapes and dated window treatments of any kind from vacant homes which allows for bright open spaces and clean lines which are perfect canvases for staging.  Don’t forget to turn on your lights in the house, including lamps and hallway and closet lights so buyers can see all the features of your home even if its dark outside.

Store your Winter Items

Woman filling moving boxes on the floorMove larger winter-use items into storage. Packing away large winter coats and boots will free up space in closets, making them feel larger and less crowded. The same thing applies to the fluffy throw blankets on your couch or bed. Brush away the remnants of winter and keep spring the front-and-center.

Tackle Your Spring Cleaning Projects

Now is a great time to check off spring cleaning projects. Deep clean floors to remove the mud and salt from winter. Make sure to dust furniture, ceiling fans, picture frames, and all of the nooks and corners that collect debris. Apply furniture polish to any wooden furniture to refresh its shine. Clean like you have never cleaned before as a squeaky clean home will instantly suggest to buyers that the home is well cared for.  A deep clean should take care of any lingering smells.

Woman spring cleaning bathroom

Use this time to get rid of things that you no longer need. Donating, recycling, selling, or throwing away unneeded or unwanted items not only reduces clutter, but also gives you fewer things to pack and move after the sale.

Add Pops of Colorful Decor

White kitchen with colorful flowers on the counter

Transitioning from the warm and cozy colors of winter to the bright and lively colors of spring is crucial. Greenery such as fiddle leaves, fresh flowers, and fruit are a great addition to dining room tables or mantles. Mother nature is just a few steps outside and offers blooming flowers and decorative branches in the spring -hello DIY floral arrangements! Natural elements are what today’s millennial home buyers love so allow your home to captivate the power of nature and make prospective buyers feel calm and rejuvenated.

Display your natural decorations in a vase, a basket, or even a tray. And try to place a variety of greenery throughout your home to liven up multiple spaces.

Have fun with colorful decorative pillows and soft lightweight throws to create some wow factor that will attract buyers when viewing your home this spring.

A few lightly scented candles with fresh, clean, and natural fragrances are acceptable if used in moderation. Even if not lit, candles are an easy way to add some variety into the color of your decor.

Spring colors help make the interior of your home feel as lively as fresh spring air outside your home.

Set the Atmosphere

Use the atmosphere of your home to encourage potential buyers to think of the warmer weather that is coming.

Consider rearranging furniture to create a more welcoming and open vibe for spring.  It is the perfect time to put extraneous furniture in storage and remove any oversized pieces or mismatched pieces. Placing couches and chairs in an open arrangement near natural light will make the home feel not only more spacious but more relaxed.

Now that we’re able to spend more time outside, remember to arrange the porch furniture and grill in the backyard. Set it up ready for a cookout or gathering. LED rope, bulb lights, and potted plants help to pull together the patio for enjoying those warm nights with friends.

Spring Staging Tips

Apply these spring home staging tips to breathe new life into your home as we transition from the winter and into the fresh and renewal of spring. Proper home staging is crucial for creating a welcoming and optimistic atmosphere for potential buyers to fall in love with your home this spring.

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