Millennial pink couch with a pink abstract painting of the US behind it.

Will Millennial Pink Still Be Trending This Year?

Millennial Pink has been a hot trend for years. You’ve seen it on the runway, on your favorite celebrities, in art, and home furnishings. There is even a youtube video showcasing all the things you can get a Disney in millennial pink.

So what is Millennial Pink? It’s made up of several colors on the color wheel. It’s been around since 2012. Jane Monnington Boddy, of WGSN– a trend forecasting agency- where she is the color director, predicted the peachy hue would be hot back when she was forecasting in 2011. Her job is to stay ahead of the trends, so she was over Millennial Pink before it even became the hot new color. She traces the origins of the color back to Celine’s 2012 Resort Collection which was heavily inspired by white and fuschia.

So will Millennial Pink be in or out this year? According to Monnington Boddy, Millennial Pink is on the decline. However, this decline is moving slowly. To see how popular Millennial Pink is all you have to do is type #millennialpink into an Instagram search bar, and you get dozens of recent images featuring the color.

Here are some examples:

Millennial pink paintings of birds hung in a living room.


Doorway with a millennial pink border around it.

Millennial pink tile in a kitchen.

So what color trends are happening for Spring 2019? Monnington Boddy predicts colors will be soft and lighthearted. A mix of light and dark hues of yellow, pink, and green. Blue will continue to be a favorite color. Representing calm skies, the color is a trendy branding color for many companies like Dell, Ford, and Facebook. Denim is also trending this year, get inspiration on ways to incorporate denim in your home here.

Magazine turned to a page featuring millennial pink products.

In terms of home interiors, Pantone’s Color of the Year is Living Coral which is warmer than Millennial Pink. It creates a feeling of comfort in your home. Living Coral was also chosen as a way to bring attention to the endangered coral reefs – which are at risk due to pollution and global warming. Nature will continue to trend for 2019. Homeowners are wanting to create interest in their home by challenging designers to create the “more is more” look without overdesigning. This theory is being supported by Sue Wadden of ColorWise who issued the “Maximalist” color palette featuring more colors inspired by nature like Porpoise and Oceanside.

Bedroom with a millennial pink accent wall.

Sherwin-Williams also featured Eros Pink as the color of the month for February. A part of the 2019 Naturalist collection; it’s about three shades darker than millennial pink, eros pink is deep and rich. Coordinating colors are Ibis White and Auger Shell. Sticking with nature as a theme; Sherwin-Williams also named Cavern Clay as Color of the Year.

If you are looking for design color inspiration this Spring, check out our blog post: 2019 Color Trends & Predictions where we break down all the new color patterns and trends for 2019 to keep your home fresh and up to date.

What are your thoughts on Millennial Pink for 2019? Is it still trendy in your area or are you over it? Share with us what colors are inspiring you for Spring!

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