Gorgeous Kitchen Backsplashes That Make A Statement When Selling A Home

Kitchen with dark back splash.

Update Your Home with These Eye-Catching Kitchen Backsplashes

It is time to cleanse the designer palette and go with something not just different, but unique, letting in a breath of fresh air that spices up the kitchen. Eye-catching kitchen backsplashes can give a kitchen that something special that may instantly attract buyers attention when searching for their next home online.  And did you know that the Kitchen is a key room to stage when selling a home and is becoming more important as families are spending more time in this part of the house and in some cases making a Kitchen island the main dining room area for families to eat and entertain!

The cabinetry and countertops are the focus of any kitchen, and when they have the perfect backsplash, that’s what grabs the attention of a potential buyer. Tile is the one material that has proven its value, especially subway tile. But this tried-and-true material is growing a bit weary, even though it is timeless and weary.

A Kitchen Backsplash Has A Primary Purpose

Protecting the wall are kitchen backsplashes primary job, like grease and water. The secondary job of a backsplash is to create a focal point.  It should be balanced with understated cabinetry and complementary hardware and in turn surrounded by neutral paint colors or tones pulled from the colors already in the backsplash itself. There are countless options of colors, designs, and styles available.

When updating your backsplash to sell a home be smart and keep it simple and clean lines especially if it’s a luxury home as classic and minimal design is best. Some designers suggest using white beadboards to cover up unsightly stove vents when working with classic white brick or white tile.  While the vintage chic is stylish, that may not be every potential buyer’s choice.

All white kitchen

Stand Out In All White

While we’re telling you to be courageous and go for it, doesn’t mean that the beauty of an all-white kitchen should be ruled out. It is bright and neutral, blending in with any décor of a home. It can go country chic or it go modern, it creates a blank slate that allows any potential buyer to see their design style. And when paired with beadboard on the walls or cabinet fronts, which are painted a bold black or dark blue, the all-white backsplash will pop.

Kitchen with white tile and brick backsplash

Another Neutral Look Is Brick

If the house has brick walls exposed in the kitchen, go with it! Today, brick is a rich and warm look to a home, even in the kitchen. With stainless steel appliances in place, the brick will feel cozy with a modern, yet aged look. And if there isn’t any brick in the kitchen, but you like this style, you’re in luck with faux brick panels, even brick-patterned wallpaper.

Updated white kitchen

And going back to the all-white kitchen, paint the exposed brick white for a gorgeous, stand-out alternative. It is a little rough around the edges, but classic, like subway tile has been the past few years. And when you add rustic wood shelves and other accessories, you’ll give that kitchen a hip, yet warm, feel and look.

Mesmerize With Design and Texture

The design of today’s kitchen tends to be centered around bold clean lines. By adding some texture to the backsplash, you can give a kitchen that old world European appearance while still feeling fresh and stylish. By pairing with a modern granite and all-white cabinets, you’ll create a beautiful kitchen that is modern and traditional and won’t look outdated and stuck in the 80’s.

If budget and time are short, go with DIY sticker tiles. They come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles today, and will make any kitchen look freshly renovated. From a solid color to a Spanish-style, they are easily removed from whoever buys the home, allowing them to easily make the kitchen their own.

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