Secrets to Color Psychology When Staging a Home Part II: Neutral Colors

Color Psychology in Your Home

Neutral tones are the backbone of home staging because the goal is to create inviting spaces that are appealing to the broadest range of potential home buyers without being personalized or trendy. But what do neutral colors really do for our psyche?

No Vacancy Home Staging is sharing resourceful color cards courtesy of Arhaus for Part II of our blog series on Color Psychology.  Let’s take a look at the secrets behind the psychology of color when it comes to our favorite neutral shades like brown, black, and blue that always go well in any style home and create relaxing, calming yet welcoming sophistication in a room.

Surprisingly Comforting, Use Brown for Trust and Reliability

Like the strength of a tree or the vast warmth of a desert, brown is a naturally derived color that can be brought into any space due to its versatility. Not only does brown work in nearly any space, it brings a natural feel to any room. Brown is stable, comforting, and evokes feelings of trust and unity.

(Living Room Area staged by No Vacancy Home Staging)

Lighter hues like tans and mushroom are great neutral palettes that are perfect wall colors that create a rich backdrop for almost any bold accent color.  Darker shades of mahogany, chocolate, and walnut instill a sense of warmth, richness, and security, making natural wood furnishings the perfect accent to a living room or bedroom.

(Family Room Area staged by No Vacancy Home Staging)

We love to use rich, brown leather chairs and ottomans in living spaces to blend sophistication with comfort, and of course, we use wood throughout the home in varying shades and varieties. While too much brown can create a dull, empty atmosphere, we love to add bolder hues of red, blue, or green to give a space its own unique personality.

Add Elegance and Sophistication with Black

Black traditionally represents mystery and protection, black (and shades of gray) is dignified, sophisticated, and can even be formal. Think of the little black dress, and you’ll immediately think of a woman who is well put together, sophisticated, and classic.  While too much black can be overly intense and even depressing, gray has many of the same qualities.

(Master Bedroom in condominium staged by No Vacancy Home Staging)

The stages at No Vacancy Home Staging find that using grey, browns and black tones work well for staging of condominiums to give small, lower-priced condos perhaps a more luxury feel yet also appeal to young millennials who may be purchasing their first home in the big city of Atlanta!

(Front Entry staged by No Vacancy Home Staging)

Gray and black are used in many of our designs because of the cool sophistication it brings to a space while a piece of black and white makes for a great conversation piece as well when considering decorating a living space. From black leather seating sets to deep ebony-colored wood furnishings, black also provides depth to a room to offset using too much white and light gray. While red is a classic accent to black furnishings, blues, purples, and yellows work beautifully, too!

Consider Blue Your New Neutral

Blue is most often associated with harmony and serenity, and even though it can be a bold accent color, it is derived from natural elements like the ocean or the peaceful blue sky. Because it is calming and soothing, blue is especially appropriate for a bedroom space to help calm the mind before sleep, or tie it into an office to inspire clarity and focus. Blue can decrease the appetite, so it’s not often used in dining areas or kitchens.

Pale blues work as a neutral because not only do they work so well with other colors, they are almost always universally appealing. Darker hues like navy work great for accent walls, and pair beautifully with naturally toned furnishings, crisp white or gray furniture, and golden brass accent pieces. Royal blues should be used in moderation, and work best as small accents in a space.

If you are ready to put your house on the market, work with the professional designers at No Vacancy! If you’re in the market for high-quality furniture or a stylish design update, get inspired and check out Arhaus’ Instagram page or visit them online for everything from rugs to bedding and couches and dining sets and add these neutral tones to any room in a home for a touch of GLAM!


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