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By February 5, 2020Decorating
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The Latest Looks and Styles of Trending Light Fixtures in 2020

From track lighting to chandeliers to wall scones, light fixtures add style and personality to any room. Lighting is one of the most important elements of a room whether it’s for function, style, mood or any combination of the three and can sometimes be the main focal point of a room that will add some value to your home. We invite you to check out these trending light fixtures and styles to add to your home!

Tastes change quickly and what was trending even just 5 years ago can appear dated if you’re trying to sell your home.  Replacing fixtures can easily take an older room and make it appear more modern for very little money.  Lowe’s, Home Depot and some of your favorite online sites like,, and our favorite Z-Gallerie have lighting that is very budget-friendly.  We always suggest to talk with a real estate agent or hire a home staging consultant to give you the best advice as they will know what your target buyer will prefer.

Even if you don’t plan to sell your home this year, updating your light fixtures can make your home feel new and fresh. So, what are the latest and greatest lighting fixtures that are trending in 2020? We review our favorites below…

Clear Glass Light Fixtures

While they might seem simple, clear and blown glass light fixtures are easy to incorporate into any room and decor style. You can install clear globes over your kitchen island, varying sizes of clear pendants over your dining room table, or a series of wall sconces in your hallways.

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Clear lighting is a great neutral fixture because they not only blend into existing decor, but they also come in a variety of finishes. So if you prefer brushed brass or soft gold, chances are you’ll be able to find it at your local hardware or lighting store.

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Edison Style Bulbs

Edison light bulbs first came on the scene a few years ago in restaurants. Since then, we’ve started to see them in more places, including homes. Edison light bulbs are popular because of their vintage vibes. The vintage Edison-style bulbs add to the 2020 retro lighting trend because of the look of their nostalgic design in light fixtures.  The rounded cone-like shape appeals to a homey style and perfect for living and kitchen areas.

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The cool thing about Edison light bulbs is that they can be installed stand-alone or screwed into glass light fixtures. When used stand-alone, these bulbs are quite the attention-grabber. If you’re going to use just the bulbs, we recommend hanging them over your kitchen bar or using them in a chandelier in your living room or outdoor space.

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Geometric Chandeliers

Lighting in geometric shapes—from chandeliers to pendant lighting in the kitchen—is a rising trend to bring central focus to a space for casual family-friendly yet chic appeal. No longer do we have 2 choices square or round lighting we can select Hexagon, triangular, oval, pentagonal and everything between.  Aside from these various shapes and materials that we are seeing, the most common feature this year will be lighting that is bigger, bolder, and commands attention.

Black Finish

Black lighting fixtures carry an air of elegance and minimalism. This simple yet classy look is pretty popular in homes right now and will continue as this lighting trend is less expensive to produce than other metals and they are budget-savvy options.  Black is high-contrasting but instantly updates a space and a deep finish is easy to match between brands when out shopping.

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Fixtures with black finishes can be used in any room of your house, including the bathroom. This is great for people who want consistency in their decor and like to carry themes over from room to room in their house.

Minimalist Design

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Lots of people are getting on board with the minimalist lifestyle, de-cluttering their lives and homes to live simply and with purpose. It’s no surprise that this same tactic is being applied to light fixtures too.

Minimalist light fixtures are simple, modern, and leverage clean lines. They also focus on geometric shapes and soft colors. Because of their modern look and feel, they can be hard to apply to traditional decor themes. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use them.

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If you want to incorporate minimalist light fixtures into your home, choose simple options for the kitchen and living spaces but splurge on the dining room fixture and go for a modern-meets-timeless piece.  The dining room is the perfect place to set the stage for statement lighting.

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Big in Even Numbers

With larger kitchen islands and even double kitchen islands trending in the new construction homes, builders are going for bigger lighting.  Instead of the typical grouping in 3’s and 5’s they are going for a “less is more” approach with just 2 large statement lighting fixtures that give a space a more contemporary, simple and clean lines style to complete a look.


More homeowners are making the switch from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs. While they may be more expensive than traditional bulbs, they save you more money in the long run. These bulbs come in a variety of colors too, allowing you to use your personality when installing them in your home.

For more tips on trending light fixtures and other unique ways to improve your home or listing, contact the experts at No Vacancy Home Staging today!


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