Top 10 Home Gadgets For Your Christmas Wish List

By November 19, 2019Technology

Smart Technology Gift Giving Ideas For the Home

We love the holiday season and it’s the perfect time of year to check out new technology for your home from smart refrigerators to the new amazon echo and even automatic pet feeders.  The latest tech gadgets put the fun back in functional and make the perfect gift for any of your friends and family who enjoy the latest and greatest in home tech. Check out our list of the Top 10 gadgets that can simplify and add value and improve your everyday life.

Robot vacuum on rugRobot Vacuums 

If you haven’t made the switch from a traditional vacuum to a robot vacuum, now is the perfect time to do so. Robot vacuums make it easy to keep your carpets and hardwood floors tidy without having to do any of the work yourself. With several on the market right now, it’s best to evaluate your options and choose what is right for your home. PC Magazine wrote a great article comparing and contrasting battery life, size, and features to help you choose.

EV Charging Station

Electric cars continue to grow in popularity, with more people opting for eco-friendly vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint. EV charging stations are now easier (and more affordable) to have in your home too, allowing you to charge your car at your leisure rather than visiting a public station.

Similar to the robot vacuum, there are several EV charging stations on the market. published a thorough comparison guide that lists the features, specifications, and links to purchase.

Digital picture frame on a desk

Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames are fun ways to show off your family’s latest vacation or holiday photos. With Nixplay Seed Wave though, you can take your digital slideshows up a notch. You can connect to various apps, like Google Photos or Dropbox, to get your photos and even add stream music or a playlist as well.

The Nixplay Seed Wave comes in various sizes, uses a motion sensor to turn on/off automatically, and is lightweight and slim. Even if you’re not a fan of digital picture frames, they make great gifts for your tech friends.

Smart Pet Feeders

Technology is making it easier to feed Fluffy and Fido too! Smart pet feeders can now do more than just dispense dry kibble. They can now dispense wet food, treats, and medication, connect to WiFi, play recordings of your choice, and more.

Using apps, you’ll be able to adjust feeding times, get notifications when your pet is fed, watch your pet while they’re eating, and more. Feeding your furry friends has never been easier when you use a smart pet feeder. published a list of the best pet feeders to help you choose one that is right for you and your pet.

Air Purifiers

If you or your family have allergies or pets, you probably already have an air purifier in your home to help keep the air clean. However, if you don’t (or just want an upgrade), smart air purifiers are the latest in home-air cleanliness.

The latest models range in size, some compact enough to fit on your desk, are quiet and connect to WiFi and apps to show you air quality changes. See the best smart air purifiers on the market here.

Smart Refrigerators

Nowadays, a refrigerator is more than a refrigerator. They’re a grocery list, a water dispenser, coffee maker, music player, and so much more. Smart refrigerators make it easy to store more groceries, keep them cooler and crisper for longer, and enjoy being in your kitchen while making dinner or your morning coffee.

Another great thing about smart refrigerators is the value it adds to your home when you’re ready to sell. Millennials love home technology and this type of refrigerator will make your home more appealing to them.

Smart Speaker

If you like listening to music, having weather or news at your fingertips, and creating lists and reminders, a smart speaker is for you. These devices can stream Apple Music or Pandora, play news headlines from your favorite radio station or news site, and sync your grocery list to your phone. They can also tell jokes, bedtime stories, and offer random knowledge.

Compare and contrast the top smart speakers on the market here. From Amazon Echo to Google Home to Apple Home Pod, you have lots of options to pick from.

Wireless Charging Station

Everything is going wireless these days, including how we charge our devices. And there are several wireless charging stations on the market that make keeping every device you own ready for use whenever you need.

Whether you prefer a pad to charge a single device or a station for multiple, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are even bamboo, non-slip surface, circle, and rectangle stations to meet your style preferences. Our favorite wireless stations are the ones that stand up, making it easy to check messages, notifications, and more while your device is charging.

Smart TV

In the era of Netflix and Hulu, having a Smart TV is kinda a must. Luckily, there are plenty of Smart TVs on the market that offer amazing picture quality so you can binge-watch all day and all night.  Besides being a smart TV, other factors to consider in your next television are picture quality, size, and budget. If you’re ready to upgrade your current TV,  Shop till you drop for even more great TV options for when you’re ready to buy.

Smart Light Strips

How about 1800 lumens of pure candy or a way to set some mood lighting with a few taps on your phone or asking Siri.  We are talking about cordless LED light strips that come with adhesive on the back so you can attach to various parts of the home for some extra flair, whether that’s under shelves in a kitchen or under the staircase or even behind your computer or television.  What a great way to switch on and off and no cords to bother with or plug into a wall – we love cordless!

The Eve Light Strip works with the Apple Home app and Siri thanks to its HomeKit compatibility. You can easily change the colors with your iPhone, as there are pre-sets within the Home app – how fun to place them outdoors to set a mood for your next cocktail party.

Black Friday is just around the corner so what are you waiting for cause you better grab these tech-savvy items from our list before they are all gone!


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