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Are you looking for seasonal inspiration for your interior decorating? Summer styles incorporate bright colors and whimsy while drawing on natural elements like the beach and outdoors. Recently, a new trend in interior design has sprouted: luscious fruit-themed decor.

Fruit-themed elements can rotate to reflect the seasons. For spring, early produce includes ruby red strawberries, rich cherries, and luscious apricots. Summer brings bold blueberries, blackberries, watermelon, bananas, limes, pineapples, and mangoes. As we transition into fall, bring on the apples, pears, and grapes. It’s easy to intermix or switch out small touches, like tablecloths, throw pillows, and dishes, to match the mood and style of the season.

Another benefit to the fruit theme is you can match the artistic style to your interior design. Find stitched pieces and vintage patterns to fit a new traditional or grand millennial style. Prints reminiscent of Andy Warhol or focused on shape work well to add a pop of color in minimalist, modern, or electric designs.

Take advantage of this new trend to add some seasonally unique decor to your home. Try these ideas for inspiration:

Fruit Serving Ware


Find plates with fruit patterns. Perfect for summer cookouts and barbecues, fruit-patterned dishes are playful and fun, especially when you select tropical fruits. Another piece to look for is fruit-shaped serving boards, plates, and bowls.

We’ve seen pineapple-shaped cutting boards and spoons stamped with apples. Use the serving ware to arrange appetizers or serve desserts at your next event artfully.

Fun Outdoor Bar

Use a fruit theme to design a fun outdoor bar. Find a fruit-patterned tablecloth for the table. Look for an ice bucket stamped with a bright fruit pattern. Pair with fruit-themed serving glasses and cocktail napkins. Remember to cut up real limes and lemons to use for garnishing your cocktails. Break out your fruit-shaped plates for an extra special outdoor event.

Sweet Bar Carts

Fruit is more than just ornamental. The bright colors and textures add a pop of color to your bar cart, making the piece functional and attractive. Artfully arrange fresh citrus fruits or their slices in clear serving bowls or dishes. For a casual summer affair, add cocktail stirrers topped with fruit shapes or fresh slices on skewers.

Be playful with your glasses and bar accouterments, again finding fruit-themed pieces like pineapple-shaped glasses.

Fruity Art

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Incorporate fruit into your artwork. Not only can fruit patterns be printed onto your serving ware, but they are perfect for artwork and sculpture. Fruit makes a solid theme for your kitchen, where the art easily fits into the decor.

We’re not talking about classical still-life fruit art here, although the connoisseur may still appreciate these more vintage pieces in rooms around the house. Contemporary artwork captures their juicy goodness in bold shapes and clean lines. We’ve seen prints that play off of the bright colors of pears, oranges, and lemons to create interesting, eye-catching pieces.

Fruit Prints

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Fruit used as prints creates a fun vibe to any space! Watermelon-patterned bedspreads make a statement in a guest room or add a unique flair to a kid’s room. Stamped washcloths and tablecloths are eye-catching in the kitchen and dining room. Use the prints in curtains hanging in your sunroom, the kitchen, or outdoor patio area.

Artful Fruit

Forget about tucking and hiding the fruit away in a pantry or crisper. With so many colors, shapes, and textures, the fruit itself can serve as functional and attractive art.

To highlight the season’s bounty, place the fruit in clear serving ware. Don’t just use a plain bowl. Select a piece that both matches your overall decor theme and displays the richness of the product. Think of the display as celebrating the freshness of the season.

Fruit can serve as an attractive centerpiece for a room, table, or surface top. Display fresh apples and oranges using a hanging basket. Place limes and lemons in a clear bowl with some fresh flowers for a unique arrangement.

Fruit Pillows

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Add a touch of whimsy with some fruit-shaped throw pillows. Use the pillows indoors or outdoors. Contrast bold colors, like cherry or lemon, against more neutral furniture. The trend has fruit pillows with cherry prints, watermelon shapes, orange slices, and more.

Fruity Doormats

Be playful with your entryways and add some fruit-shaped doormats. We’ve seen mats that imitate watermelon or orange slices for a fun, summer-themed touch. Other doormats use prints, such as in the fall season, where they display the harvest bounty.

Adding Fruit to Sweeten Your Design Projects

Right now, the interior design trends are about embracing the natural. What’s more natural than produce? Fruit-themed decor can be taken in various directions, making it adaptable to your style. The rich colors make it easy to brighten any space in your home. Whether you’re looking for a creative way to stage your home for sale, or just to add some whimsy to your design, why not give the fruit-themed decor a shot?

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