Top Home Decor Rental Companies for Any Budget

By March 30, 2021Decorating
Top Home Decor Rental Companies for Any Budget

If you haven’t decided what your new home should look like or maybe your tastes are simply more eclectic?  Did you know there’s a way to make that decision without much hassle or commitment?

Home decor rental is trending in popularity and is the perfect solution for both the commitment-phobe owner and the millennial renter who just wants to find their design tastes and transform a living space with minimal fuss.

If you’re looking for high-quality decor and furniture pieces to make your home your own sanctuary without breaking the bank, then home decor rental is definitely the answer. Not to mention, you can skip the painstaking task of packing up and hauling furniture from one place to another – who wants that when you can go online and pick what you want and have it delivered.

Woman laying on a comfortable bed with her dog.

So where to begin as there are numerous websites out there offering all flavors of options, look no further as we did the research for you.  We carefully picked out the Top 4 that we think are the best and your go-to to get started decorating today!


We found Feather to be trendy in its selection from living room packages to Home office items.  Their user-friendly website definitely makes moving as easy and hassle-free as it can be – hence no matter what items you order from them they will be delivered and assembled for you  – we love that!

Rental dining furniture from Feather

Feather offers a monthly membership plan as well as a short-term plan. The monthly membership requires a minimum twelve-month lease and goes for an amazing price of just $19/month plus the discounted price for furniture rental.

Delivery, assembly, and end-of-plan pickup are included in the membership in addition to sixty percent off of monthly furniture payments. On the other hand, the short-term plan requires a three-month minimum and you only have to pay the price of the furniture being rented. Delivery, assembly, and the end-of-plan pickup is $99. For both plans, you can change things up for an additional $99 per trip.

Movers moving rental furniture into a home in the city

Feather has over two hundred furniture and decor options to choose from. The pieces were consciously made from more sustainable materials that are easy to care for, stain-resistant and don’t need any harsh chemicals for cleaning. Their entire selection of furniture and decor they offer is beautiful and all of their items are designed to last so even business owners can rent office furnishings and decor for commercial spaces too.

Blue sofa from CasaOne


If you are looking to make a splash and express your decorating style at home look no further to add a nice pop of color you will definitely want to check out CasaOne. They cater to 9 major cities currently and claim they are fast, efficient, and flexible when it comes to returns.

Akira Living Room - Casa One

Akira Living Room – Casa One

CasaOne has no membership fee but the rental does require a $149/month minimum. If you need it, you can get a 3D floor plan of your space drawn up to virtually stage the furniture and save some time. An additional one-time fee is asked for delivery, assembly, disassembly, and pick up at the end of your subscription.

White writing table with elegant lamp and plants.

Amazingly, you can choose between white-glove or curbside delivery when checking out to maximize efficiency and convenience. At the end of your term, you have the option to purchase the furniture and decor, extend your lease, or return it.  With over 6,000 or more fabulous items to choose from it’s no wonder even home stagers are renting from these guys!

Conjure rental furniture collection


Conjure is perfect when you need to add some luxury-looking furniture; there is no membership fee and the minimum rental cost is $69/month. At the end of a one year lease, you’ll have only paid half of the retail costs for the furniture you choose. Plus, Conjure offers free delivery and assembly and you can easily change up your space.

Blue rental couch from Conjure

They carefully select pieces for you to allow you to explore a diversity of styles and themes. Conjure also claims they focus on providing furnishings and decor that ensures quality, reuse, and longevity and that they work with sustainable partners and are sourcing materials responsibly.

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As a bonus, with each monthly payment Conjure allows you to earn points for a discount towards future ownership or new pieces. At the end of the lease, you can renew the lease on some or all of the items, you can pay the remaining retail value on the pieces you want to purchase, you can trade-in your items for a discount on other items or you can return the items for good.

We love that you can stay inspired and trade-in your pieces for something new whenever you want and they are always expanding their collections!


With a three-day trial period to make a final decision, Fernish allows you to choose the lease and the furniture while they deliver, assemble and arrange everything. You can choose between a two to twelve-month lease; there is no membership fee and the monthly minimum is $99 for the furniture rental.

Fernish – The Roxbury Bedroom Set

Fernish ensures that the products are durable enough for multiple lives. There is a combination of parts that allow for replacement as well as an eleven-step sanitation and refurbishment process using sustainably sourced materials. Being environmentally friendly is a top mission of the company, and just last year, 247 tons of furniture was saved from the landfill.

Fernish – The Laurel Living Room Set

Renting furniture and decor is not just helpful for people with a temporary need for furniture, but it is also a start to eliminating “fast” furniture. The cheaply made, self-assembled furniture that you throw away after a single use takes an enormous toll on the environment so people are quickly learning that furniture that is made to last is in.

It is important that wherever you get your furniture that you take your time finding what is best for you and your circumstances.

Fernish - The Larchmont Dining Set

Fernish – The Larchmont Dining Set

Whether you are getting your home ready to sell or just giving it some new updates, your furniture and decor will definitely be the first impression.

If you are unsure if you should rent or purchase your furniture, keep in mind that renting is best for people who might be moving in two years or less, who want to try furniture setup before buying it, like to refresh decor often, or people who just need furniture temporarily (like in an office or guest room).

Take a look at these Spring home staging trends for some great design ideas to help you create a space that speaks to you and that you can call home.

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