Top 5 Ways to Organize Your Home for Back-to-School

Nationwide, schools are back in session. Whether your kids are taking in-person classes, virtual schooling, or homeschooling, you’ll want to focus on back-to-school organization at home. Kick-off the new school year in a stress-free, more organized fashion, so the day-to-day activities flow and operate like a well-oiled machine.

Here are our top 5 ways to create back-to-school organization at home. Each one is easy to achieve and can benefit the whole family and that deserves an A+ on our report card – go team!

Focus on the Home’s Entryway

The home’s entryway experiences many daily activities, especially during school days when kids are flying out the door to catch the bus. When they return home, they usually kick off their shoes and throw down their backpacks. The area can become very cluttered and chaotic if it is not appropriately organized. The space quickly becomes a catch-all for the whole family as they hustle and bustle with their daily lives.

Find a bench or some form of seating to place in the entryway, so the kids have an area to sit while they remove their dirty shoes and outdoor gear. Install hooks at an appropriate height to make them easy for kids to reach on their own so they can hang coats, jackets, and umbrellas neatly. This teaches children the benefits of being organized from an early age — they will always know where to find what they are looking for.

Consider using color-coded baskets for each household member to stow their supplies. You can put the baskets under the bench or in an entryway closet. Consider using a shoe basket, shoe bench (a bench that opens to store shoes), or a shoe hanger in a closet to stow shoes.

Ideally, you want the entire family to get into the habit of storing their stuff in the entryway in an orderly fashion so that the entire school day process in the morning and afternoon functions smoothly. Kids should not be trying to hunt for a lost backpack, jacket or shoe before rushing out the door to start their day.


Snack Station

The first thing most kids want after a long day at school is a snack. Whether you are schooling at home or your kids are coming home from a brick-and-mortar school every day, having a snack station in your home is beneficial to keeping things neat.

You can place snacks in a drawer, cabinet, or pantry—stock up on healthy snacks. You can even have a mini-fridge with kid-friendly juices and beverages just for the children. Position bowls, lunch boxes, and utensils that are are kid-friendly in lower areas so young children can easily reach them.

Pick a spot in the kitchen or dining room where the little ones can enjoy their treats. Make sure the location is away from where you will be cooking or washing. If you have enough room, use a small kid-sized table as their designated snack station. The area can serve as the place for snacks or a quick bowl of cereal in the morning before heading out the door.


Schoolwork Hub

Whether your children need a place to work on their homeschooling lessons or schoolwork, you need to find a home hub that is clear of distractions. Your child needs to concentrate on the work at hand and not be distracted by television or toys. They should know that when they are in their schoolwork hub, then it’s time to study.

Make sure the space is quiet so the child can concentrate. Also, consider decorating the area in lovely hues for inspiration. The designated alcove should feel cheerful and comfortable. Invest in organizers or a small filing cabinet to keep things tidy. Use bins or desktop containers for pens and pencils. Pick a comfortable chair that fits the child’s size correctly. Make sure there is plenty of light, such as a lamp and window, so your child can see clearly.


Setup Your Back-to-School Command Center

Once you have created your child’s personal space for schoolwork, it’s time to focus on an area of the home for yourself where you can keep things organized. You’ll need access to a computer, calendar, and other valuable tools. It might also help to have a dry erase board and a mail organizer. A filing cabinet is a must-have for all the paperwork your child will bring home from school.

If you are remote working, then your home office space can double as your command center. Make sure you have a comfortable chair and try to decorate the area with ample lighting and other things that let you achieve your zen even during hectic times of the day. Colorful paint, houseplants, baskets, and other homey touches are usually welcome in any workspace.

Your private work area should also be inviting for your child. It shouldn’t feel intimidating or off-limits. You want your little one to come to you with problems, questions, or schoolwork help. Try to create a truly inviting space that is functional and meets your adult work needs.


Laundry Room Sorting

The laundry room is an often overlooked area of the home and is bypassed by many people when they start their back-to-school organization of homespace. You probably have a laundry groove already established. However, when the kids go back to school, the laundry increases. Most kids will change from their school clothes into their at-home, play clothes as soon as they get home which increases the wash substantially through the week.

Teaching laundry room organization is great for kids. Have them put their clothing in specific baskets based on color or dirt level. They are never too young to learn how to carry out laundry in a practical way! Organizing the laundry room with baskets and color helps make the often mundane chore fun and exciting.

Organizing sections of your home for back-to-school will help simplify not only your life but also your child’s too. Remember to have fun with the decorating and ask your pint-sized partner’s opinion too!

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