Tips for Using Crystals in Home Staging & Design

By July 28, 2020Design Trends
Blog title "TRENDS: Staging & Decorating with Crystals"

Over the past few years, crystals have become mainstream popular, with even HGTV designers using them in their home staging and renovation plans. Their unique shapes, healing and health benefits, and design influence make them easy to include in any home style.

Want to know how to incorporate crystals in home staging or design? Keep reading to learn more about the types of crystals and see how they can be used as decor, be embedded into furniture, and more.

rock & crystal guide 

What Types of Crystals Should You Use in Your Home?


crystals and rocks set up on display

Crystals come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Depending on your need, you can find crystals that will bring in positivity, purify the air, facilitate peace, protect, and more. A few of the more popular crystals used in homes are:

  • Selenite – promotes relaxation and peace
  • Rose Quartz – gentle energy
  • Black Tourmaline – wards off negative energy
  • Amethyst – energetic air purifier
  • Amber – natural purifier
  • Citrine – comforting and life-giving

Guide to choosing crystals for your home

When choosing crystals, find ones that speak to you. This will improve the likelihood that you feel its energy and effects in your home. Also, consider crystals as an investment piece. According to Heather Askinosie, some crystals have appreciated in value – almost five times their worth – making them a great investment for homeowners.

How to Incorporate Crystals in Your Home 

Embed Crystals in Furniture

Coffee table made out of crystal

You might be thinking this is a little crazy, but a great way to incorporate crystals into any room is to have them embedded into your furniture. Wood pieces, like coffee tables, end tables, and hutches, can easily leverage crystals for a unique look and feel.

Danna Weis, a furniture maker in Jersey City, incorporates crystals into the pieces she designs at her studio. In an interview with 1st Dibs, Weis says that she started working with crystals while “in the zone” working on a slab of claro walnut wood:

“Wood is a very grounding force. This revelation struck me one day a few years back, and the following week I came home with a five-foot slab of claro walnut wood. It had beautiful grooves, knots and holes, and while “in the zone,” I noticed I had filled those with the crystals and gemstones related to my metaphysical needs. I gasped….After stepping back from my crystal-embedded claro walnut slab, I realized that I had created a beautiful grid with Mother Earth as my partner.”

Weis believes in the power of crystals stating that they are incredibly powerful. “The energetic and spiritual properties of crystals are what fuel my intentions. Both crystals and gemstones in the home provide positivity in innumerable ways, by emitting balance, calm, knowledge and clarity, to name just a few attributes,” Weis told 1st Dibs.

Decorate with Crystals Throughout Your Home

If you’re not sure about buying crystal-infused furniture, maybe decorating and staging crystals throughout your home is more your speed.

Crystal on a floating shelf next to an oil diffuser and house plant.

Rashia Bell and Elizabeth Kohn are interior designers who leverage crystal healing to help influence their client’s space. In an interview with Town and Country, they shared how they use this practice to create domestic harmony for their clients.

“It is really about helping people connect to their intuition. We help them access what it is that they want to create with their space. Each consultation is unique because they involve a crystal healing session,” they told Town and Country.

Crystal bookends on a shelf.

They recommend using crystals in the rooms you spend the most time in, like the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Whether this is through quartz countertops in your kitchen or using selenite in your entryways to purify and clear the air, the choice is yours. After all, the crystals should still fit your personality and home goals.

What crystal do they recommend? They told Town and Country that they recommend selenite because it is a salt-based stone with air purification and clear[s] the energy. It is a nice one to have around entryways, where you are transitioning from the outside world and clearing your mindset.”

Living room tastefully decorated

Crystals come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, giving you endless opportunities to create a space that will energize, calm, and give you peace.

Other ways you can use crystals to decorate:

  • Don’t use your fireplace? Remove the firewood (fake or real) and replace with crystals in varying sizes. The crystals can imitate flames and give a unique look to your room.
  • Display them in a shadow box that you hang on the wall.
  • Arrange them next to candles on your hutch or end tables.
  • Place them next to your bed.

Entryway with crystals in home staging project

One thing to keep in mind, it’s more about which crystals you choose rather than where you display them. So feel free to move them around until you think they are in the perfect place to emit the energy and light you want.

Leverage the Color Palette on the Walls

Side table with a crystal lamp

In addition to displaying crystals in your home, you can take advantage of their color palette for your walls. Crystals come in a variety of colors, from white to rose petal to ambers. This gives you lots of options to choose from to bring the same color energy into your home and space.

Much like you need to choose a crystal with care, you should also choose the color for your walls with care. This hue can affect your mood and energy – and when combined with your crystal’s healing powers, you’ll be sure to notice an impact.

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