Talking Real Estate in Atlanta and Home Staging Tips on Air with Dale Cardwell of TrustDale Radio

By September 18, 2017Home Staging

So last September, I received a surprise email from a booking agent by the name of Amy with the local iHeart Media offices of the Trust DaleRadio show that records here in Atlanta. The email was sent out to several home staging companies in town asking if any professional home stager was interested in coming on the show to talk about the importance of staging as a marketing tool when listing a home in the current real estate market which at the time was seeing a strong comeback.

Of course I jumped at the chance cause I enjoy doing radio since my “At Home Radio Show” days and who doesn’t love FREE air time to promote both my traditional home staging business and virtual staging business.  Amy spoke to the TrusDale radio show team and they were thrilled to have me on the show since I was the only stager that responded.  Uh hello?!  When FREE marketing comes your way  – take it!

The show aired on September 8th and I was joined by well known consumer investigator, Dale Cardwell and Atlanta agent, Keith O’Rourke with INQ Realty and they dove right in and talked about the current real estate market and how home staging is making a difference in selling vacant properties listed for sale along with home staging tips and then of course Dale was fascinated by Krisztina Bell pioneering her technology savvy marketing tool called virtual staging.  Be sure to CLICK TO LISTEN to the show!

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