Stylish Ways to Use a Console Table in a Home

Are you looking for a versatile piece of furniture that can fit almost anywhere and have various purposes? Say hello to one of the most multifunctional pieces of furniture – the console table. This adaptable furniture may not be one you emphasize stylistically compared to the other statement pieces in a room. Console tables are wonderfully versatile in their function especially if they have a lower shelf which means double the styling potential for any purpose in the home. Whether it be a living room, dining room, bedroom, entryway and bathrooms, console tables can work in every area of the home.  Check out these fab ways to use a console table in your home for all sorts of purposes!

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The right console table can add to or enhance your home’s style and function. These furniture pieces are available with extra shelves, drawers, and storage compartments, making it easy to find the right kind of console table to fit your use. Here are a few ideas for incorporating a console table into your interior design.

Turn it Into a Bar

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Use a console table to make a bar area ready for your next evening’s entertainment. Strategically arrange the glassware, so it’s ready to go on top of the buffet. Protect the top with lacquer trays to catch any accidental spills or water condensation off chilled items.



When not in use for your party, arrange the console with your happy hour essentials, from the cocktail napkins to the mixers. The drawers inside the console table work to organize your bar tools when not in use. For tables with shelf spaces underneath, add an attractive wine rack to store your extra bottles until you’re ready to pop them open.


Dining Room Sideboard

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A console table adds to the function of your dining room. Not only can it stash the flatware, napkins, and serving ware in the drawers, but you can transform the console into a self-serve buffet. Simply arrange the top with your plates and dishes.

Stack with the plates and the serving ware on the table or in the storage compartments so they are ready to go for your next event. You can store more serving ware pieces on the shelf below or use the area to display some attractive artwork.


Entryway Table

The console table is the perfect catch-all in the entryway. We all need a place to stash our keys, shoes, and other outdoor essentials. Add baskets to the console table for a quick drop zone and to organize your outdoor items. Any drawers can hide your accessories like your car keys and sunglasses. Use the top or shelf underneath to stack the boxes until you can get settled into your home. You could also arrange art and family photos on the top to create a welcoming entryway.


Bedroom Vanity

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​​Transform a console table into the ideal place to prepare for your day or unwind in the evening. Add a stool, an attractive light, and a mirror. The drawers are ideal for makeup and accessories storage. Create an attractive display by adding small trays for your perfume bottles or frequently worn jewelry. Stash a small trash can underneath. Use closed boxes to collect and hide miscellaneous items.


Living Room Storage

Living rooms can quickly become cluttered, especially in busy homes with many family members. A storage console tucks into your living space with shelving and cabinets to collect the clutter and keep your space neat. The top is perfect for displaying family photos or seasonal decorations. Stash board games, video consoles, and seasonal decor inside the console. Use wicker baskets to throw in miscellaneous items or kids’ toys quickly.

Desk in a Pinch


​Not all of us need a dedicated office space all the time. When you or your family does need room for a desk or a flat workspace, a console table can fit the bill. It can fit into any room to mix business with pleasure. The console table can act as a temporary desk in a living room, bedroom, or den.

The key to using a console table as a desk is to make sure your legs fit underneath the table when sitting on your selected chair. If there are any drawers, stashing all of your basic office essentials. Pack it up when not in use as a desk and repurpose it as you need.

And if you have guests over then just remove the desk chair and other office items and place 2 stools underneath the table for a decorative look and acts as extra seating if needed when entertaining!

Office Storage

When your desk is getting overcrowded or simply can’t hold it all, use a console table for extra storage. A two-level console table can have your printer and other infrequently used essentials stashed on the bottom. The drawers organize your office working essentials, like your extra copy paper, mailing supplies, and writing instruments. The top handles more storage, or it can display some artwork and family photos.

Add a Console Table to Your Home

As you can see, the console table is a highly versatile furniture piece that can work in different rooms throughout the home. Use these ideas for inspiration for using a console table in your home. Console tables are available in every design style and size, so you can find the right complement to your room.

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