Mudroom Ideas to Help You Stay Organized Throughout the School Year

Organized mudroom with children's school supplies

Back-to-School Ready & Stylish Mudroom Ideas

Summer is almost over and already it’s that time of year once again time to prepare the kids to go back to school.  And that means purchasing that long list of school supplies and essentials along with new shoes and clothes and who knows what else they will bring home. Where are they going to store it all?  The mudroom is the perfect space in your home that works overtime to hold all those backpacks, sports equipment, shoes, lunch boxes and whatever else they may bring home.  Thus, you want to keep your home feeling like a home rather than a locker room and keep your mudroom space organized and well equipped. These mudroom ideas can help!

Check out these 4 Benefits of Adding a Mudroom to Easily and Stylishly Keep Your Home Organized this School Year!

1 – Kids Can Put Their Own Stuff Away – When your kids get home from school, they can hang up their backpacks and jackets all on their own. Let them know they have their own hook and basket and it’s part of their after-school chores to keep their items tidy. You could even let them pick their own hook and basket so they’re more excited about cleaning up after themselves.

mudroom organized with sports equipment

2 – Adds Storage to Your Home Throughout the school year, your kids will acquire a lot of stuff: arts and crafts, science projects, jackets, shoes, etc. These items can be easily stored in your mudroom, keeping your house clutter-free and clean.

3 – Keeps Dirt Out of Your Home – After a day of playing at school including recess outside and after-school sports activities, your kids are bound to be a little dirty. By stopping in the mudroom before heading into the living room or kitchen, they’re able to kick off their cleats/tennis shoes and prevent mud, dirt, and grass from being tracked inside.

4 – Adds Resale Value to your Home. Houses with mudrooms sell faster and typically above asking price because they showcase storage and cleanliness.

Ready to create a mudroom in your home? Check out our favorite ideas below.

Our Favorite Mudroom Designs & Inspirations

Let There Be Light

We love the natural light from the window and glass door. This makes the room look bright and airy. There’s also ample storage with the wall length shelving and a seating area with the bench, giving you and the kiddos plenty of room to store school and sports items.

Too Cool for School 

This locker-inspired mudroom is too cool for school. The locker design makes it easy to store your kids’ items while hiding the mess (or cleanliness) inside. Plus, you can use magnets (like the alphabet magnets in the photo) to personalize your kid’s locker. (You could even decorate for the various seasons, like using holiday magnets in November and December.)

Stylish Mudroom with Pops of Color

Give your mudroom some personality by adding a pop of color. Whether you paint the entire room or just the shelves, color adds warmth and vibrancy. Using a dark color, like the turquoise above, can hide dirt from foot traffic. Plus, it’s a way to decorate without having to spend a lot of money.

Keep it Simple in Small Spaces

Don’t have a lot of room to install these mudroom ideas? Even the smallest of spaces can be converted into a makeshift mudroom. We like how a few hooks, a bench, and some cute baskets turned this nook into a simple place to store coats, shoes, and backpacks. Or even some leftover space in this entry staircase was transformed into a fully functioning mudroom of sorts.  Simple installment of an ascending shelving unit along the side of the stairs allows for plenty of space for the family’s gear!  This is also a good way to create a mudroom on a budget.

Stairwell with organized cabinets on one side.

Shiplap Chic 


Organized cabinets with baskets in a mudroom.

If you’re a Joanna Gaines fan, you’ll love the idea of using shiplap in your mudroom. We love the farmhouse chic look that shiplap creates – especially when paired with a real hardwood bench and wicker baskets. If you don’t like shiplap, you can also re-create a similar style using reclaimed wood.


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