Krisztina Bell Joins Atlanta’s Business RadioX to Talk Home Staging

By June 11, 2018Home Staging

Home Staging on Business RadioX

If you’re looking for accurate, smart news about business in the Atlanta Metro area, start listening to Business RadioX®. They focus solely on regional business news covering small business, large companies, and business trends. Founded by Lee Kantor, who is also the CEO, Business RadioX® offers non-biased business news that matters to business owners, entrepreneurs, and consumers alike!

Atlanta Business Radio is their Atlanta-based radio show and podcast, hosted by Kantor which focuses on trending issues in the Atlanta area and highlights local business owners, organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs. Recent topics include social entrepreneurship digital marketing, women in tech, and supply chain discussions. We love that they really have their finger on the pulse of business, and we always learn something when we visit.

That being said, imagine how excited we were for our founder and owner, Krisztina Bell, to join Kantor and discuss Atlanta real estate and home staging! The conversation is interesting and informative, so here at No Vacancy, we wanted to share the highlights with you!

What Is Home Staging?

Because home staging is still a fairly new industry, there are a lot of questions surrounding it, and that’s how Kantor began the conversation. When asked what home staging means, Krisztina explains, “We’re going to…help them get that home in more marketable condition to sell, and we’re bringing in furnishings if it’s a vacant home and staging some of the more important rooms, like a model show home.”

She continues to explain that with the popularity of HGTV, home staging, once seen as a rarely-used marketing tool, is now very hot and popular, “Now it’s become more of a necessity and agents and sellers are learning more and more about it because they’re seeing how the Property Brothers and all the HGTV people are using it even to flip houses. We’re…seeing that the sellers and the agents are getting more involved with this home staging process…It’s been interesting because they just left it up to the stagers to take care of, but now they seem to know more because of technology.”

Why Home Staging Works

Kantor shifts the conversation to whether or not home staging is effective, which we know to be the case, especially because home staging prevents a home from sitting on the market losing money. Home staging allows a home to “Appeal to that broad buyer market…drive the buyer traffic, especially because online is where everyone is going.”

“The biggest percentage of buyers right now are Millennials…they’re even buying without even going to the house to look at it…They’re just based on the photos. There’s a big buyer market that’s growing every day…agents and sellers out there need to make sure that house is move-in ready because Millennials don’t want to spend time flipping and renovating and updating.”

The Logistics of Home Staging

One of the most common questions about home staging is simply about the logistics – do we stage occupied homes, declutter, or do we bring in our own furniture. The answer is actually all three! Kantor and Krisztina discuss this in a bit more length

“Sellers need somebody to help them with decluttering. There’s that type of home staging as well where we focus on homes that might be still occupied. Those people … go in and remove furnishings, maybe even move out of their home because if their furniture is just not up to par, we might as well start from scratch and bring in furnishings that are more current because the buyers…don’t want to look at grandma’s furnishings and traditional style.”

Regarding how No Vacancy furnishes houses, Krisztina explains, “Homeowners can buy furniture, but it’s almost like a rental-type process. Some home stagers only work with occupied homes, we work with mostly vacant homes…I’ve grown out of my house to warehouse space and then we moved to a huge, 5,000 square foot warehouse space. I own a lot of furniture!”

We want to encourage you to listen to the interview here, learn more about No Vacancy, Krisztina, and Atlanta business!

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