Home Staging with Natural Effects that Instantly Captivate Buyers

By April 23, 2018Home Staging

Home staging is an excellent way to get your home selling faster and for a higher selling price than if it is left vacant. By furnishing and decorating a home in a way that is attractive without being overly personal or cluttered, each room is shown to its best advantage, provides a sense of scale, and shows the possibilities of a property to a prospective buyer. One of the most popular and effective ways to create a beautiful backdrop is to use nature and natural effects in home staging.

Staging to Entice Millennial Buyers

If you are looking to stage your home to sell, and you feel your home is perfect for a younger buyer, staging with natural effects and bringing nature indoors will elevate your home. Millennials are the largest group of home buyers in today’s market, and more Millennials are embracing a return to nature, eco-friendly, and green living. Setting the stage with natural elements allows home buyers who are seeking a green life to look at your home more favorably. Even if they aren’t completely aware of the elements individually, the natural light, the fresh fragrances, and the earthy elements throughout will create a feeling of the green home these buyers are seeking.

Go Beyond the Vase of Flowers to Bring Nature into the Home

Fresh flowers are lovely, and they provide a pleasant, natural fragrance and cheerful pops of color throughout the home. Flowers appeal to nearly everyone and are a popular staging tool to bring beauty into the home. However, staging with nature and natural effects goes beyond just setting a few vases of fresh-cut flowers throughout the home.

  • Bring in natural light. Remove heavy curtains, shades, and blinds and let as much natural light into the home as possible.
  • Work with the seasons to bring nature into the home. Clipping branches such as lilacs that are bursting with blooms are lovely for spring, while pine boughs and wreaths, succulents, and even rough twigs and branches can make a statement in winter or fall.
  • Wood elements add a rustic, natural feel and reclaimed wood is one of the hottest trends right now. From using it as an accent wall covering, furniture, or décor, it brings a natural, earthy tone to the space.



  • Add stone throughout the home in the form of sculpture, containers, or centerpieces. Adding smooth pebbles to a bowl with tea lights is something so simple but can create a spa-like feel in a bathroom.
  • Bring in natural textures such as jute or sisal rugs, wicker or rope baskets, and linen or cotton fabrics in earth tones of greens, browns, and cream for a more appealing look than plastics and polyesters.

Consider Natural Effects on a Large Scale

When you’re looking to nature to stage your home, consider creating a natural feel on a larger scale with paint. Paint the walls soft cream or earthy taupe shades that are warm and create a beautiful backdrop for the greenery, wood, and earthy elements you’re bringing in to the spaces.  Some of our favorite paint colors are perfect for a naturally staged home!

If you choose to redo the flooring in the home or replace larger elements, such as kitchen counters or bath, use natural elements. Eco-friendly flooring, such as bamboo or cork is lovely and adds value, while kitchen counters made from stone are functional, sought-after, and beautiful.

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