Front Door Paint Colors That Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

By July 24, 2018Color Schemes

Front Door Paint Colors To Give Your Exterior a Boost

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, there’s no doubt you want to do everything you can to sell your home for top dollar! Fortunately, one of the simplest things you can do that will give you an amazing return on your investment is paint your front door. A clean, fresh-looking front door adds instant curb appeal and welcomes prospective buyers into the home.

Not sure what color to paint your door? Read on for door colors that will help you maximize the selling price of your home!

Black or Charcoal Gray

In the Zillow 2018 Paint Color Analysis, they reviewed 135,000 homes and cross-referenced their paint colors with their selling price and how that compared to similar homes. Their report shows that homes with doors painted either black or deep charcoal gray sold for up to $6,000 more, or an average increase of 2.9 percent over other colors!

Why is this? While Zillow doesn’t give a reason for the price increase, the most likely reason is that black or charcoal look neat and clean, and those are colors that work with nearly any exterior paint color! From red brick to white siding to gray stone facades, black or charcoal stands out with universal buyer appeal.

Dress up your black or charcoal painted door, with a new nickel kickplate and hardware and add charm with a vibrantly colored wreath with blue, red, yellow, or white flowers!

Indigo or Deep Navy Blue

Looking for color, but still want to keep your curb appeal more on the conservative side? Dark blues, such as navy or violet-blue look gorgeous on a front door, especially against a white, dove gray, or light brick, frame or stucco exterior. We love Sherwin Williams’ Indigo because it’s vibrant but will still appeal to most tastes when you’re showing it to prospective buyers.

Add to the curb appeal by pairing your deep blue door with copper or brass hardware for a classic look, or brushed nickel for a more sophisticated look!

True Red

If you have a traditionally-styled home, such as a Federalist or Craftsman, a true, fire engine red will be beautifully bold! Red was once the standard for front doors, as it was considered a symbol of welcoming for visitors. We love Benjamin Moore’s Heritage Red as a true vivid red that adds interest and liveliness to a neutral exterior.

Dress up your new red door with black or nickel hardware and kick plates. Don’t shy away from plants and flowers, but keep it simple with lush, healthy hanging baskets or small, potted shrubs.

Vibrant Citrus Shades

Trying to find a way to have your home stand out without going too crazy? Welcome prospective buyers to your home by selecting your door color from bright, cheerful citrus shades like lemon yellow, orange, or lime!  These colors evoke enthusiasm, happiness, and bring a welcoming feeling to your front porch, so this can be a great way to get prospective buyers in a great mood when they enter your home especially when a home is located in a more eclectic and artsy neighborhood. Try Sherwin Williams’ Electric Lime or Carnival.  If you decide to go with a citrus-y look for your door, let the door be the focal point. Use simple greenery to your porch and keep furnishings free of bright prints or colors that could clash!

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