How to Transform A Room By Decorating With Wallpaper

By April 16, 2019Decorating
Room decorated with wallpaper.

Creative Ways to Transform a Room with Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the last few years and has essentially made painted accent walls irrelevant in the design industry.  Now it’s all about incorporating texture in clean and sleek ways and wallpaper does just that. Consider these tips when decorating with wallpaper to truly transform a room.

Wouldn’t you like to achieve a “wow” look in at least one room of your home? Have you given wallpapering any thought? Yes, it may seem old school, after all, it wasn’t that long ago in the concept of time, that wallpaper was the only way to cover the walls of homes.

Wallpaper was a way to bring about a special feel or look to a room, and so homeowners would wallpaper every room, from top to bottom. Then came along the wallpaper border that would be placed at the ceiling, and along the chair rail, even around doors and windows. In time, paint would replace, or at least be matched up with the wallpaper. And in time, painting and paneling would replace the use of wallpaper.

Today – Decorating with Wallpaper Is Back!

Interior decorators live to use wallpaper today. There are so many versatile ways that wallpaper can be used to achieve various looks in every room of the house. Wallpaper can give a room that “aha” feeling and look in the most basic of rooms. It adds character to a room with color, style, and texture.

Today though, the colors, the feel, the overall look of wallpaper has transformed. It can give a room a bold and exotic look or bring about comfort and peacefulness. The wallpaper itself can be the art on a wall with the inspiration for design and patterns from the work of famous artists.

That is to say that the wallpapers of today are available in many colors, patterns, and even textures. Any decorating, discerning eye can appreciate the “aha” beauty that wallpapers give a room. Wallpaper gives us endless options and possibilities so that decorating a room or a whole home is exciting.

Consider the Space You Want To Decorate

Using wallpaper is not for everyone – that is rule number one. The process of using wallpaper takes consideration, such as the size of the room. And then the deliberation of choosing the right wallpaper is not one to be taken lightly. To choose the right wallpaper, consider the size of the bedroom, dining room, foyer, living room, or whatever room you’re planning to wallpaper.

Does the living room have a huge, monotonous wall that needs to become a focal, place of interest? Or does the whole room need something to give it depth and design on all four walls? Are you wanting to match it up with color that is already in the room or an adjacent room? Consider what a mix-and-match color theme would add to the room, thus carrying through the rest of the room.

Add Color, Pattern, and Texture

The wallpaper available today give us a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. Choose a wallpaper today that looks like fabric or wood. The dimensional patterns that wallpaper comes in today can give a room an expensive appearance with an intricate design. For the industrial, warehouse look in a loft, choose a wallpaper that has a concrete effect. For an elegant, formal look, gilded wallpaper is a popular choice while an atmospheric or map designed wallpaper works well in a child’s room or the study.

When Do You Use Dark or Light Wallpaper?

Wallpaper has once again become an essential tool for interior decorating. It is used as art and can manipulate a room’s lighting, much like wall size mirrors have been used to do.

The dark and small room can seem bigger and brighter with bright, light-colored wallpaper that reflects light. The room will feel and look bigger and brighter. For a windowless room, wallpaper is a great solution. A dark or textured wallpaper brings the walls of a room closer in and should be limited to the larger rooms in a home, especially a paper with floral print or intricate ink design.

Other Ways to Make A Room Unique

The basic, standard cabinets in many homes can be refaced with wallpaper to give them a modern face-lift. The stair risers of any staircase are like small walls that can give an entryway that “aha” look with patterned wallpaper. The same is to be said about the wall behind your bookcases. Add a little character behind the books, knick-knacks, and pictures.

Consider the ceiling the fifth wall and use one of the many beautiful patterned wallpapers is certain to give a room that desired “aha” look! If choosing artwork isn’t your forte, go with wallpaper with a unique expressive look.

Wrapping It Up With Wallpaper

We have discovered that the wallpaper of yesteryear isn’t like the wallpaper of today. We can get the look we want without committing to a lot of work – uh hello instant adhesives or if we want to change it up with no long term commitment there are even fun and vibrant removable options available.  We’re falling in love with wallpaper all over again and when you look at the wide range of colors, designs, and textures you’ll know why this is one trend we are shopping – stat!


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