Best Resources for Budget-Friendly & Decorative Pillows

By September 24, 2021Decorating, Design Trends

We love throw pillows as they really can be the perfect accessory when staging or decorating a home.  They can instantly complete the look of a space and help you create mood, ambiance, and more.  Pillows can be moved around, grouped together, stacked AND you can chang them out seasonally.

So where to begin to look and find colorful, decorative, large, small, soft, textured or even artsy decorative pillows you ask?  We have the 411 on some of the best places locally and online where we find the most affordable and budget friendly decorative pillows to spice up any living space in your home – oh and don’t forget pillows for the patio and deck.  That’s a lot of pillows and we are sharing where to get them at our favorite retailers:

Stay Classy, Timeless, and Neutral

The Pottery Barn offers a wide assortment of pillows, including curated collections. They offer a mixture of textures. You’ll find knitted, suede, linen, and faux fur. Go with all the same tone to make sure that everything flows.

Charcoal pillows offer depth. While being neutral, there is also a warm feeling to the hue. You can also choose from adobe, ivory, tobacco, blue, green, and straw shades. The styles are always timeless and classic trendy, so they fit easily with everything you already own. You don’t have to worry about making costly purchases.

Showcase Your Unique Style With One-of-a-Kind Pillows

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You don’t have to break the bank to own one-of-a-kind color creations. Etsy is a great place to shop for truly unique styles. Best of all, you are supporting small businesses and artists who create truly stellar creations and then sell them for affordable prices.

When shopping for throw pillows on Etsy, you’ll find everything from pintuck styles to round fluff balls in a wide variety of shades. Carry out a quick search, and you’ll find a limitless supply of various sizes, fabrics, colors, patterns and so much more.  You can even order personalized creations that are customized to your tastes for your home or you may love the final product that have to order another one to give away as a gift!

Youthful and Vibrant Choices


Another thriving community of independent artists worldwide with their own unique styles can be found at Society6, online.  If you are looking for even more artistic designs then you will definitely find them on this site.

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Original designs that feature a double-sided print along with a faux down pillow insert. Each one is custom-made when you order it, and the money goes to the aspiring artist. You’ll find retro, graphics, geometrics, typography, and more. Best of all, these pillows are very reasonably priced. They are a great way to bring a youthful vibrancy to your decor, and, best of all, your friends won’t have the same design, so everyone will comment about the uniqueness of your home pillow choices.

Fast Shipping and Budget Deals

Amazon reigns supreme as a favored eCommerce shopping favorite. The site always boasts a vast assortment of throw pillows to fit every style and taste. Best of all, they are wonderfully budget-friendly, and if you are an Amazon Prime member, then you’ll even score free and fast shipping. With a few simple clicks, you can order entire pillows or just go with new pillow covers. You’ll be surprised at the assortment. You’ll see trendy styles and classic designs in a rainbow of colors.

Embrace Texture With Your Pillow Choices

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At this point, the textured look is ‘in.’  It adds visual interest to the room. If you are looking for boho and eclectic styles, then visit Anthropologie. The site’s pillow selection is cozy. You’ll want to snuggle up with the pillows on a cold day and enjoy a good book.

Global Pillow Choices

At Minted, you’ll find an assortment of throw pillows designed by a global community of artists who all work independently and are voted on by the public through design competitions so you know you are getting top-notch creative designs by talented artists. The pillows are all created specifically for the buyer. The fabric that goes into the pillows is printed in the United States. You can pick from down or alternative down inserts. Choose from sizes that range from 10” x 18” to 40” x 40”.

Easy and Modern Pillow Choices

If you want a modern appearance with texture, check out the large assortment of throw pillows offered by Crate & Barrel. They offer coordinating collections to fit any decor. You’ll find subtle color hues. The pills all boast graphic patterns and possess chunky weaves. They are designed to go with just about anything. Some of the pillows are even fringe-fringe laden.

Color and Embroidery Styles

If you are seeking color and contemporary styles, then check out West Elm. They offer wonderfully modern and contemporary styles. You’ll find geometrics, animal shapes, retro, Baja. A lot of their designs are simply fun while being stylish. The embroidery features intricate weavings that are eye-catching and will stand out in any design theme.

Coastal and Breezy

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If you are looking to add a bit of coastal charm to your home, then check out the throw pillow collection at Serena & Lily. The hand-embroidered pillows create visual elegance in any room. You’ll find ones with piping and fringe in time-honored styles.

Hand-Made Masterpieces

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The Citizenry supports sustainable relationships with designers and artists around the world. Artists create handmade pillows in Peru, India, and Guatemala. They bring world charm into your home with each of their unique creations. Choose from bright and brilliant colors to more classic pieces.

Adding pillows to your decor has never been easier. Order any of the creations from the comfort of your home and have them delivered directly to your doorstep from all of our recommended resources and share some of your own fab vendors where you find budget-friendly pillows in the comments below!

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