9 Inspiring Ideas to Refresh Your Home Office

By March 23, 2021Design Trends
9 inspiring ideas to refresh your home office

Refresh Your Workspace at Home

Gone are the days of harsh fluorescent lighting and uncomfortable rolling chairs. Dining room tables, corner nooks, and the living room sofa at home has replaced our offices but it may be time to refresh that corner nook or move from the dining table to a new office space or simply just switch up your surroundings.  Spring is the perfect time to refresh a workspace to generate fresh ideas while boosting your creativity.

Whether you’re looking for a calming spot free of distractions, or a colorfully energizing workspace, your ideal home office needs to inspire.

Check out these 9 ideal office design ideas for creating a hideaway that will even ramp up your productivity levels – get going!

Minimalist and Focused

Minimalist home office

Minimalism is all about creating simple and uncluttered rooms. It’s ideal for creating a space for focus.

The streamlined look is often paired with white, but any neutral color palette works and has the added benefit of making a room appear larger. The white or muted colors help refresh your mind and aid focus.

White room with white desk and olive green chair

Take advantage of natural light by keeping the design clean and straightforward. White furniture will reflect sunlight better than darker tones, helping to energize the workspace.

When going minimal and monochrome, get creative with shape. Choose sculptural furniture to add visual appeal to the space. Thoughtfully add small pops of color through accessories to make the room appear bigger.

Modern and Curvy

Modern home office with a large window overlooking the mountains

Modern and curvy is minimalist but with a punch. This mid-century-inspired design will feel sleek, sophisticated, and lively. Select furniture and lighting accents that rely on a shape to make an impact.

Modern curved white desk in a home office

A curved desk is a great way to add a unique element. The contrast of flat walls and a rounded or bow-edged tabletop creates visual interest in your office.

Pop of Color

Mid century modern home office with vibrant blue accent wall

Prefer an office space that invites energy and creativity? Vibrant colors can energize a room, giving it a playful vibe. Bright yellows and oranges create positivity and energy, while pinks and reds made bold statements.

Create a palette that mixes neutral colors with vivid options. For ideas, check out the colors of the year. Use the colors in a feature wall with bold, colorful patterns, or select accent artwork to enliven the space.

With colors, your home office becomes a stimulating place to work.


Not feeling a mixture of color? Select a single color and mix its tones and tints for a monochromatic theme.

Corner home office desk with exposed brick walls

Even when done in neutral hues, layering shades of a color can make a big statement. It allows the architectural and organic details of a room to stand out. If your office has a stunning paneled ceiling or dramatic windows, a monochromatic scheme could work well.

Layering in a neutral hue makes it easy to incorporate trends or switch up décor for the seasons. Or, if you’re adventurous, select a colorful shade to help set the tone of your office.

Be Inspired by Nature

To create a home office that’s refreshing and uplifting, bring the outdoors into your study. Focus on greens and blues coupled with natural materials like wood to make the decor feel lush yet grounded.

Home office setup with lots of green plants

Fill the shelves with potted plants. Not only do they look good, but they refresh the air, too. Devil’s ivy, ZZ, and snake plants are particularly easy to care for and frequent watering.

Be Bold

Zebra print accent wall with small desk in front

One of the perks of working away from colleagues is you are in complete control of your space. Be daring in your home office. Why not be bold and go all black and white? A black and white scheme is boldly contemporary.

Want contrasting jewel tones or a geometric pattern? Go for it! Vibrant colors can look sophisticated and chic.

Gamer setup in home office

Statement Wall

Elegant study with vibrant blue wall and cabinet color

A statement wall adds contrast without being overwhelming. This elongates an office by drawing the eye to the farthest wall. Try printed wallpaper or a splash of color for a visually arresting feature.

Children working on art projects in a home office

Framed art can also be used to make a statement. Collect paintings and photographs for display on a gallery wall. Whatever you decide, have the feature wall act as a counterpoint to the overall design and anchor the space.

Modern Eclectic

modern eclectic urban apartment

Delightfully cluttered and texturally attractive, a modern eclectic style lends itself to a cozy office. Mix different textures like shaggy pillows and smooth metallics. Choose a few and repeat throughout the room to give a sense of cohesion.

Living room with closet turned into office space

Throw in mid-century furniture with modern touches for an eclectic vibe.

Multi-Purpose Space

Maybe you don’t have access to a full room to use as an office or need to share with your partner. Consider a pony wall or low partition to visually separate the space without actually cutting you off from the rest of the room.

A tall partition wall can also work as long it allows flow between the space. One idea is to use pass-through shelves that separate the space yet still connect to the room.

For anywhere space is at a premium, a retractable wall or drop-down desktop allows the work area to be hidden when not in use.

Design & Refresh Your Home Office

Your home office needs to be functional yet inspirational–a place you enjoy going to each day. Not only does a well-designed home office reflect your personality and work style, but home offices are also increasingly appealing to home buyers. We hope you find these home office design ideas inspire you to create a space that reflects your personality and style!

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