6 Sizzling Summer Tips When Selling Your Home

By May 31, 2018Home Staging

After the boom of home sales in spring, the market takes a dip during the summer months. This can be due to several factors – families don’t want to move right before school starts, the heat keeps people inside, and vacations are the biggest reasons. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sell your house in the summer, you just need to be strategic in your selling! If you’re ready to sell your house, but you are afraid triple-digit temperatures will keep buyers at bay, fear not – we’ve got the six hottest tips to sell a house in the summer!

Keep up with Maintenance

Now, keeping up with maintenance is true for any time of the year, but in the summer, it’s especially important to maintain the exterior of the home. Having a yard with overgrown grass or weeds crowding a fence line will immediately turn off buyers and give even the nicest home a worn, bedraggled look. While you should absolutely sweep up your sidewalk, porch, and driveway, and patch or repair any damaged areas, consider laying fresh asphalt or concrete on your driveway to give it a new, clean look


Add Curb Appeal

Set a scene that will take prospective buyers’ breath away when they pull up to your home. With a few hours of work, you can plant gorgeous plants and flowers in the flower beds in front of the home for lovely color, and for added contrast, lay good quality mulch! If you don’t have flower beds, consider hanging baskets or large potted plants to add natural beauty.

Stage your front porch to entice prospective buyers to picture themselves drinking coffee and chatting with the neighbors with a porch swing, bistro set, or a small conversation set. And of course, don’t forget a fresh, natural wreath for the front door!

Bring the Sunlight In

(Master Bedroom & Sitting Room staged by No Vacancy Home Staging)

The long, bright days of summer are what make people want to get outdoors. Bring that brightness into your home by removing heavy drapes and raising the blinds. Buyers want homes with natural light, and summer is the best time of year to highlight how bright and airy your home can be. If you still want to privacy, white sheer curtains are a great compromise to allow light in while providing a crisp contrast to painted walls.

Decorate for Summer

While you’re removing heavy drapes and blinds, continue a light, airy theme through the home with a definite summer feel. For a big impact, paint over dark colors with perfect neutral shades that will make a room feel larger and brighter, and remove heavy, dark furniture aside from staple pieces like necessary end tables and dining tables.

(Breakfast & Kitchen staged by No Vacancy Home Staging)

Also, summer is in the details, so remember to change out heavy throw blankets and pillows with lighter, summer-colored accessories and bring in lots of greenery and natural elements!

Create a Backyard Oasis

For summer homebuyers, the backyard can make or break a house. Even if you don’t have a pool, create a lovely oasis that makes buyers want to host outdoor get-togethers, dine al fresco, or just relax while the kids play in the yard! Create an outdoor living space with a comfortable conversation set, an outdoor rug, and an outdoor dining set, while adding character through bright landscaping and attractive décor.

Up the ante by setting out refreshments on the patio before an open house with an iced bucket of cold, bottled drinks (bottled water and local sodas like Cheerwine make the best impression) to allow prospective buyers to linger!

Don’t Under-Value Your Home

Even though summer is not always the busiest time to sell a home, there are still buyers looking for the perfect home and many are pressured to find a home quickly before school starts back up in the fall. Set a fair price for your home instead of trying to go too low to attract buyers. A home that is attractive, in good repair, and is priced fairly will sell no matter what time of year it is!

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