2017 Home Staging Statistics That Will Surprise You

By April 9, 2018Home Staging

It’s no secret that staged homes sell faster and at a higher price than comparable properties that are vacant. Professional staging takes a vacant property and defines spaces, provides scale, and shows the property to its best advantage. Prospective buyers can see a home that they can envision themselves living in, making their own, and creating memories in for years.

While we knew that home staging is beneficial to property sellers and buyers alike, even we were amazed to see the latest statistics on home staging from the National Association of Realtors!

Getting the Home Staging Statistics

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) sent out an in-depth online survey to Realtors across the United States to participate in a study on home staging. They received nearly 1900 responses, and of those, just over half of the Realtors worked with home buyers more often, while 41 percent worked with more home sellers. With a margin of error of just over two percent, this study shows an interesting look at home staging vacant properties.

Home Staging Statistics: The Seller’s Perspective

In 2017, 38 percent of selling agents stage every home they put on the market with an additional 14 percent who stage properties they consider difficult to sell otherwise. Out of all the respondents, only 10 percent said they neither stage properties or recommend staging practices, such as decluttering, deep cleaning, and making improvements or changes in the property.

While not every room in a home needs to be staged, an overwhelming majority of homes that are staged focus on the living room, the kitchen, and the master bedroom. Of staged homes:

  • 83 percent stage the living room
  • 76 percent stage the kitchen
  • 69 percent stage the master bedroom
  • 66 percent stage the dining room

Clearly, this staging is effective! According to this study, 50 percent of selling agents see up to a 10 percent increase in the home’s selling price, with a small percentage seeing up to a 20 percent increase over comparable non-staged or vacant homes. Additionally, the time on the market is impacted by staging, with nearly 40 percent of agents reporting that staging “greatly reduces” time on the market.

Home Staging Statistics: The Buyer’s Perspective

One of the most telling home staging statistics from this report is that only four percent of buying agents reported that staging a home had no effect on prospective buyers! Buying agents found that when taking prospective buyers through a staged home, over three-quarters of them found that staging allowed them to visualize the spaces more effectively, and 40 percent were more willing to tour a home that was staged that they viewed online.

The staging décor does play a small role in a buyer’s view of the home, with 38 percent of buyers more likely to fall in love with a home that is decorated in keeping with their own tastes, but only nine percent thought less of the house if they didn’t care for the staging. Buyers had their own preferences as to which rooms were staged in the home:

  • 55 percent wanted to see a staged living room
  • 51 percent preferred a staged master bedroom
  • 41 percent preferred a staged kitchen

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