Vintage Revival is Trending in 2022

By February 8, 2022Design Trends

Design forecasters warn that vintage is here to stay in home decor this year and according to a national survey conducted by Apartment Therapy, 70% of interior design professionals polled say that vintage decor will be a major trend for 2022.

Many have been theorizing why, in the last year or two, why homeowners have again started to embrace vintage home decorating. Experts believe that the desire to return to a simpler time inspires the craze. The ongoing Covid19 pandemic has made many depressed and weary. People have become reminiscent of their childhoods, inspiring the craze for vintage home decor.

With more than 600,000 pieces on its website at any given time, the online vintage marketplace Chairish knows a thing or two about evolving home decor trends as they are all based on mostly secondhand goods, after all! Check out the latest vintage home trends that show no signs of fizzling out.  In fact, we can expect to see even more of these in the coming year.


Wicker Furniture


Use only a wicker item or two to keep the home’s decor fresh.


Did you know that the first piece of wicker furniture traveled across the Atlantic ocean on the Mayflower in 1620 with the pilgrims?  The particular item was a wicker baby cradle. Ever since those early days, it had become a steadfast staple of Victorian home decor that has been embraced until the 1930s, when its popularity started to wane. However, it experienced a quick resurgence in the 1960s and 1970s.

Now people are again decorating their homes in wicker. Today’s difference in wicker home furnishings is a mismatch of pieces. Homeowners are not going ‘all wicker’ but space a bit here and there throughout their homes. Using only an item or two of wicker helps keep the decor from becoming too ‘dated’ but still looks wonderfully vintage.




There is much debate about why wallpaper fell out of favor in homes because it offers versatility in color and pattern. There is a type of wallpaper to fit every taste!   Luckily, wallpaper is again being favored in many rooms of the home, such as the kitchen, entry hall, bathroom, and bedrooms.

Whether you like floral wallpaper that looks like your grandma’s house in the 1970s, or you are craving a more fresh and modern appearance, you’ll find a wallpaper design to fit.



Amazing canvases on the walls, depicting various geographical maps, have become a bright highlight of the interior of recent years.  At this time, geometric patterns, botanicals, and metallics are very popular with home designers.


A botanical wallpaper choice.

Wood Paneling

The vintage appeal of wood paneling.


If you live in a rustic cabin, then wood paneling might have never gone out of favor, but for the rest of the world, wood on the walls was kicked to the curb in the 1970s.  Many felt that the wood was gloomy. However, people who are spending more time at home than ever before not only want a reminder of their childhood but also to feel warm and cozy. Wood offers an undeniable warmth that just can’t be compared to cold, sterile white walls.


Decorators are experiencing an upsurge in more wood paneled walls in more unique patterns.


Macramé in the Home


Macramé is an ideal wall hanging piece above a bed.


Anyone from the 1970s is familiar with macramé. It was a textile-making technique that entailed the use of hand-tiled knots, weaving, and knitting to create hanging plant holders and wall hangings that people favored as home decor. Macramé making dates back centuries and is again becoming popular. Many took up the hobby of macramé making and would give their creations as gifts to friends and family. Nowadays, macramé is considered boho chic.





In the 1970s, houseplants were wildly popular, especially ferns and spider plants. As people become more conscious of climate change that is occurring and the destruction of the environment, many are starting to decorate with houseplants to fill their homes with fresh, clean oxygen. The plants bring green vibrancy to any room and instantly create a homey environment. Plants seem to improve everyone’s mood too!


Mirrored Kitchen Backsplash

Mirrored backsplash in kitchen.


Mirrors were wildly popular during the disco era in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They are again making a comeback in the form of mirrored kitchen backsplash.  Many consider the mirrors a way to bring glam to the home and open up a small space. You’ll find mirrored backsplashes in many traditionally styled kitchens. Mirrors are affordable decor options that can change the feel of the entire room.


A twist on conventional.


Shag Rugs

The shag rug look in the 1970s.


If you are lucky enough to bury your toes in a lush shag rug, then you’ll probably wonder why they ever fell out of favor!  Most people would state that they are hard to keep clean with a vacuum cleaner, but vacuums have evolved in the last few decades and can easily reach down deep into a shag rug to pull up any dirt or debris.


Rugs USA : Shag Carpet is Back, and Designers LOVE It


Shag rugs were wildly popular in the 1970s. They were often in brown, orange, yellow, or green shades. Some were even daring and a bevy of hues all mixed together. Nowadays, you can pick a wide assortment of styles and shades for a shag rug. If you don’t want to go with wall-to-wall shag carpeting, you can opt for a large shag area rug instead.


A modern shag rug option that is no less comfy.


A vintage look in the home holds a great deal of appeal for sentimental individuals. Any of the above vintage home decor trends are here to stay!  Why not try one today to give your home a true sense of whimsical style?

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