Transform Your Front Porch into the Perfect Space for a Porchfest!

By July 5, 2018Outdoor

Easy to Add Ideas for a Porchfest

It’s summer, making this the best time of year to host a Porchfest and bring your neighborhood together! If you haven’t heard the term, a porchfest is a way to highlight local musicians, or even your own band, host speakers, or create any other event that will turn your front porch and yard into a gathering spot for the neighborhood.

Porchfests started in Ithaca, New York in 2007, and the idea has taken off, especially with Millennials who want to get back in touch with their hometown. Porchfests are popping up all over the country, from Napa to Cleveland and down to Austin and Jacksonville, and everywhere in between.

Maybe you want to transform your front porch into the perfect space for your own porchfest, or maybe you’ve seen the trend and want to stage your outdoor area to boost your selling power with Millennial buyers – either way, we’ve got the tips that will help you create a creative, welcoming, gorgeous space.

The Return of the Front Porch

Homes in the first half of the 20th century often featured large, covered front porches. These were an extension of the home, allowing homeowners to interact more with their neighbors while enjoying evening breezes since air conditioning wasn’t available at that time.

With the growth of suburbs in the 1950s that were built with front-facing, attached garages, followed by the birth of the “McMansions” of the 1980s and their two-story foyers as focal points of the exterior, the front porch began to disappear from American architecture. Instead of large front porches, back decks were how homeowners enjoyed their lawns and outdoor spaces.

Now, we’re seeing a return to the front porch with the younger generation. Not only are they embracing older home styles like Craftsman and Federalist styles that feature front porches, there is a returning desire to be a part of the neighborhood. So, if your home has a front porch, you can turn it into an incredible selling feature!

Spaces for Seating

To create an inviting front porch, the first thing you need is seating that blends comfort with beauty. Rustic rocking chairs and conversation sets with a loveseat and chairs are great ways to show that your home is ready for visitors. However, a porch swing is one of the most effective tools you can use! No one can see a porch swing without envisioning themselves relaxing with a drink and enjoying balmy summer evenings.

Add Ceiling Fans and Lighting

In years gone by, when it got dark or too stuffy outside, the party had to move indoors or end.  Now, that can be avoided with a few updates if you have an older home. Have electricity run to your front porch to install ceiling fans and lighting. This will keep the area well-lit and cool, so prospective buyers know they can keep the party going well after dark!

Make it Beautiful

A front porch blends the best of the outdoors and indoors by offering the comforts of a living area with the natural beauty of the outdoors.  Spruce up your front porch with greenery, such as hanging baskets of petunias, which are at their most aromatic in the evening. If you have a railing, install flower containers that sit on top of the railing for lovely affect, while installing a trellis along the side of the porch and allowing blooming vines like clematis or morning glories will provide brilliant shade and decoration.

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