Tips & Tricks to Prepare A Home for an Open House

By June 4, 2019Home Staging

Stand Out from the Competition with Tips to Create the Perfect Open House

If you are thinking about listing your home soon to sell quickly, regardless if it is in the affordable neighborhoods of San Francisco or in the popular areas to live in Austin, you want to be sure to properly prepare your home for an open house and personal showings. Any experienced real estate agent will tell you, the more showings and drive traffic that views your home, the more offers you’ll be presented. According to recent studies, open houses sell a home faster and for as much as $9,000 or more on average.  And what homeowner doesn’t want some extra jingle in their pocket?

What are the proper steps to have the ideal open house that makes your property shine and instantly attract potential home buyers? Check some of our favorite tips from these home designer and stager pros nationwide along with the professional advice they shared on how a home should be prepared to impress potential buyers and make your next open house a memorable one!

Create Traffic   |   The main thing for having a successful open house are professional photographs. A potential buyer will become more interested to tour a house when they have seen pictures or a virtual tour. Having the listing real estate agent on hand during the open house is a standard procedure, but having a mortgage professional, home inspector, and a professional home stager on hand will make an impression for those who tour the house.

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Boost The Curb Appeal  |   With a clean, fresh exterior, your open house will look more enticing and inviting. From power washing the porch and walkway to painting or power washing the exterior, replace existing light fixtures and frame the front door with big planters. 

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Clean Up and Clean Out  |   Your open house should be clean and clutter-free, any repairs finished, replacements installed and de-personalize the entire house. Family photos packed away and clutter put away. Your house should be immaculately clean and the furniture in a picture-perfect arrangement.

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Give Extra Attention To The Little Things  |    You want your open house to be the one that potential buyers can’t forget. The little things like candles, plants, and throw pillows will draw their attention to the highlight areas that are selling features. 

Living room decorated for an open house.

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Let the Lights Shine  |    When you have the house power washed, have the windows washed, inside and outside, so they sparkle. Replace any dated and heavy window treatments so that the natural light comes in bright and clear. 

Outdoor patio arranged for an open house viewing.

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PRO TIP: “Open up doors and windows and let buyers head outdoors to linger and admire the beautiful surroundings while serving some refreshing peach tea and sweet treats and make it a Facebook LIVE worthy event!”  Krisztina Bell – No Vacancy Home Staging.

Simple Updates Will Show  | PRO TIP: “Buyers connect with a home emotionally within 15 seconds of walking through the front door.  Be sure to update paint colors and replace old light fixtures is one of the less expensive ways to make the biggest impact and make your home relevant to a buyer.”  Helen Bartlett – Kansas City Home Stagers 

Dining table set during home staging

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Strategically Place Accessories  |    Just like getting dressed for a night on the town, the key to an open house is accessorizing. Place candles, throw blankets, faux fur pillows, and fresh flowers about the house to create an environment that is cozy and welcoming.

Turn On The TV |   Set TV to a channel that displays sports in the Media Room or turn to a Music Station that plays soft music in a Family Room or Master Bedroom.  This will attract buyers attention and keep them touring the home longer.

Offer A Local Beverage & Taste  |   Serving buyers finger foods and beverages from a neighborhood bakery, deli or restaurant will give prospective buyers an idea of what the neighborhood has to offer and is always a big hit!

Provide a Perspective Of The Neighborhood  |    Interview your neighbors what they love about the neighborhood and create a document that is left out with the cookies and tea, giving potential buyers something to read. Or write a short piece on what you love about the house and neighborhood. Have copies that potential buyers can take with them.

Depending on where your house is located, a metropolitan area or in the suburbs will determine the time of day you should have the open house. Ideally, have the open house on a Saturday or  Sunday and for those metropolitan areas have it between 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and if it is in the suburbs it is best between 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  And of course be sure to market your open house in advance. We recommend lawn signage, social media, the private social network of NextDoor, and of course your local MLS are all great ways to market your next open house to remember!


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