Stylish School in Session Drop Zone Ideas

By September 15, 2021Organizational Tips

The after-school drop zone – every parent is familiar with that area of the home. Your kids walk through the door from a long day at school and what is the first thing that they do? They drop their backpacks, kick off their shoes and shed their outwear so they can head to the kitchen for a snack. This scenario is repeated around the world and results in a cluttered area of the home. Turn the school drop zone into a stylish spot with the following ideas!

An entryway can become cluttered because kids throw down their school accessories when they arrive home and we want to help you keep it organized.  Check our creative school is back in session drop zone ideas that are stylish and easy to organize the areas in under 15 minutes

Find the Perfect Location For the School Drop Zone

Find a location where everyone gathers when they first pass through the house such as an entryway. The location should be close to the main door that the children use when they leave and come home from school. Ideally, a high-traffic area.


Pick a Blank Wall

You’re going to need a command center for your school drop zone so pick a blank wall. On the surface of the wall, you’ll keep track of things by hanging a corkboard to affix important documents and contact information. Clipboards and frames are also options. Think about combining function and style with colorful hooks for totes, backpacks, coats, and keys.

Think about how you’ll arrange everything such as the bulletin board. Where will you position the hooks? If your kids are small then you’ll want to place the hook at an easily reachable height so the children can hang their coats easily without stretching or climbing. Ultimately, everything should be user-friendly.

When selecting hooks, consider ones that are heavy-duty enough to support backpacks (which can weigh a lot), tote bags, and coats with ease.

Leave Message

Start the day out right by leaving messages for each other. You can hang a wipe board as a piece of art and then scribble positive messages for everyone to enjoy as they start and finish their day. You can also write reminders. Wipe boards are a great way to say ‘no’ to technology and message each other old-school style.

Involve the Kids

You want the children excited about a return to school so be sure to have them participate in the school drop zone creation. Think of fun projects to create as a family crafts activity. Let the kids make some keychain holders and other fun accessories for the space.

Lay all of the elements out that will go into the family command center and ask for input from the children. You’ll want to make the calendar a focal point. Think about using a large shelf to arrange things in an orderly fashion and avoid putting a large number of holes in the wall. Hang pictures. It’s also a  place where you can showcase the kids’ school papers or artwork.

Create Style

Sure the school drop-off zone is going to act as a common command center but that doesn’t mean it’s not personalized. You can add decorations, family mementos, photos, greenery such as plants and other fun things to create an inviting space. Personalize the area so that everyone in the family enjoys the region.

Keeping Track With a Calendar

As mentioned, hanging a calendar is a definite perk. You can keep track of family activities and important dates. All of the family members can stay together on the same page using the calendar. Younger kids can especially benefit from the basic design and order. You can update the wall calendar weekly or monthly with play dates, school functions, and other important appointments that might appeal to everyone in the family.

Have Fun and Play With the Space

Have fun with the space. Display the kids artwork on the corkboard. Be sure to ask the kids for their input. They will appreciate designing the area of the home into they view as functional too.

Getting Creative

A quick trip to a home improvement store like our favorite The Container Store is a great place to get ideas and have it be a well-organized space.  Also, home decor stores like HomeGoods, Marshalls, Target, and even Walmart will inspire you to get creative with various organizational and storage options.  One way to get creative is if you can spare a small closet by removing its doors and trade it in for a command center then go for it!

The goal of any centralized drop zone is to make your home more organized. When you and the children are rushed for work and school in the morning, you want to know that all of your essential such as car keys, coats, shoes, backpacks, and more are positioned at the hub. You should also be able to quickly look at the corkboard and calendar to know what is planned for the day or week. You don’t want to waste time trying to hunt necessary supplies down every day before you head out the door.

When you arrive home, you also want the assurance that all of your families gear is stored neatly in an organized space. Maintaining a school drop zone with a command center will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are also successfully teaching your children to be more organized and take pride in their belongings which all roll over into helping them be successful and productive adults.

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