Styling and Home Staging Tips for Photographs with Stylist Guru Annette Joseph

By October 26, 2017Home Staging

The team at No Vacancy Home Staging was excited to attend a photo styling seminar at the recent Fall show at Atlanta’s AmericasMart with nationally recognized stylist Annette Joseph who shared her secret tips on how to get published and brought fresh flowers, fun stories of her styling experiences and fabulous props for everyone to play with and create their own picture perfect photo styling moment!

Annette started the presentation sharing her tips on how to get published… 1.) Sell yourself and your works by telling a story 2.) Take quality pictures of your work  3.) Write a short story/PR piece that is only 5-10 sentences max  4.) Include with your story about 3 to 5 photos   5.) Email your pitch to local magazine editors or national ones and follow up in a casual email about 3 to 4 weeks later.  AND she says it doesn’t hurt to friend or like the editors on Instagram and to study the latest trends in their publications before you pitch a project so your pitch is “current” and will peak their interest!

The next topic Annette talked about was actually styling a room for photographs.  She strongly suggests to type in the words “basic composition” into Google and read its definition and remember it.  Also, she reminds us that the camera likes texture and it is best to start styling a room with minimal furniture and decor and then add in because the camera sees everything.  Organize props that relate to one another and group like with like.  And lastly, Annette said that after this class we will never look at a photo in a magazine or other the same again cause when photographing a room you divide the photo into thirds looking at tone, color and weight of objects in the photo – like a triangle.  For example, when viewing the photo below you will see the dark pot with lid on left on stove, the black pitcher art piece to the right of it and then continue in a triangle to the black pots on the top of the dining table and there are many more triangles created in the photo as well.

Also, Annette is an expert when it comes to entertaining and food styling for national magazines  besides regularly appearing on The Today Show and Martha Stewart Sirius Radio sharing her delicious recipes and party ideas so of course she says don’t forget fresh cut flowers!  Flowers and even fresh fruit in a bowl can add that pop of color needed for a picture perfect shot.  Check out her video below for some inside tips on arranging flowers that say wow in a photograph!  And while you’re at it go visit her website at and sign up for her popular photo styling classes in Italy or click on her blog for her Spooky Charcuterie Spread recipe you can whip up and serve at your Halloween party!


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