Clever Storage Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

With all the family working and doing online schooling these days, it may seem like your house is becoming overwhelmed with kids’ toys and games strewn all over your house? It may be the time to set up your house and your children on the path towards a more clutter-free and stress-free home environment.

Creative Storage Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

As you transition flex spaces into kids’ spaces, these creative methods are easy to incorporate into your existing home while setting yourself up for organizational success.

Kids play room with toys on the floor

Elegant kids' room with stack crates used for storage

Stack Crates

Utilizing old boxes or crates to create an easy-access cubby or shelf system. Turn the crates on their side and stacking them on top of each other. This method provides a quick, easy, and flexible storage solution. Further encourage your kids to stay organized by adding labels to each box.  If you are concerned about the stack tipping, secure it with double-sided tape to keep everything connected.

Use Bins With Tops

Large bins with tops offer versatility, stackability, and movability. Think toy chest, wooden crates, or storage ottomans. Not only can you stack them to easily store, but they can be used as a tabletop.

Build Storage Benches

Benches with built-in drawers or a hinged lid are versatile. Its use will evolve with your child throughout the years. The flexible use–as a seat and storage–saves space and money. Add a cushion or a cozy blanket, and your child will have a new place to get lost in their favorite book.

Child playing in room with toysSecure Floating Shelves

Floating shelves in a kids room

Floating shelves transform wall space into a library, a display for trophies and awards, or toys that your child just has to display. Floating shelves take up zero floor space and can be adapted to fit any size or decor style.

Have Fun With Color

Keep color in mind when selecting your storage furniture. Choosing colors that compliment your current design style makes it easier to repurpose the items around your house as your child outgrows them.

Modular Shelving

If you want an investment that will stand the test of time, try modular shelving. Its ability to reconfigure to fit your child’s needs as they grow ensures you’ll have the shelving for years to come. Plus their streamlined style matches with various interior design themes. Place near an entryway or the mudroom to stay organized as your kids go back to school.

Utilize Space Under the Bunks

Older kids' room with raised loft style bed and computer desk underneath

Have your kids graduated from sharing a room, but you still have a space-eating bunk bed? Put the space underneath to work! Transform into a kid-designated play or work area. Or, reconfigure into dedicated storage. Use an attractive curtain to disguise the storage during the day. Best of all, it can still double as a play area for your kids.

Use a Cart

For those short on space or with multipurpose rooms, try mobile toy storage. A bar cart or other storage on wheels enable you to move the toys out of the way when needed. It also gives you the flexibility to change your child’s play area around the home.

Decorative ladder next to snake plant in the corner of a room

Ladder Up

Decorative ladders can be used to store more than blankets. Hang costumes, jackets in the winter, maybe even a few medals from the soccer or baseball season. Once the kids are grown, repurposed elsewhere in the house.

Rethink Bookcases

Bookcases’ open shelves offer easy and convenient storage for baskets and bins. Add command hooks on the side for hanging storage. Or, think creatively by laying bookcases on their side and topping with a cushion. Now you have seating plus a cubby setup for convenient storage.

Use all Your Space

Where is there underutilized space in your rooms? For example, a bed with built-in drawers prevents toys from being lost underneath and gives opportunities for toys and clothes storage. Adapt the storage in the drawers as kids age up. If investing in new furniture isn’t an option, there are plenty of under-bed storage solutions that take advantage of this unused storage space.

Spice Shelves to the Rescue

Steal an organization hack from your kitchen. Repurpose spice shelves into book racks or toy storage. Smaller toys like stuffed animals or Hot Wheels cars fit perfectly on spice shelves. They’re great for kids who want to show off their collection without the toys getting in the way.

Twin beds in a kids room with peg boards used for storage on the walls behind them

Peg Wall Catchall

Pegboards are super versatile and give kids a way to easily change the layout of their wall space. Pegboards’ range of hook options allow you to hang shelves, baskets, and buckets. Adapt them to living space, a kids’ room, or a multipurpose area.

Slide Out Dolls

Did you know dolls fit very nicely into a shoe organizer? Your kids can slide them in and out as needed, making it perfect for tucking away those stuffed toys.

Simply hang their arms over the edge and they will be ready for quick access when it is time to play.

Show Off Their Creativity

Un-clutter the art desk or the drawers by giving your kids a place to display their artwork or crafts. Hang a string with clothespins along the wall or across a corner in the playroom to clip artwork. Or, add to the side of a bookcase or shelf with command strips is another option to keep your kids’ artwork in the spotlight.

Use Your Doors

The back of the door is another storage option that doesn’t require any ground or wall space and is relatively out of the way. Hanging totes or shoe organizers can be used for storing crafts, art supplies, stuffed animals, and more.

Keeping Kids Rooms Clutter-Free

Organizing a kids’ room can feel like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Think outside the box and you’ll find easy and creative storage solutions that will help bring calm to the clutter while encouraging your children to stay organized.


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