Sherwin-Williams Reveals Cavern Clay as its 2019 Color of the Year

By September 14, 2018Color Schemes
Sherwin Williams 2019 Color Of The Year - Cavern Clay

Cavern Clay 2019 Color of The Year

Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay – Where Soul Meets Earth

It’s that time of year again – the leaves are changing, there’s a crispness in the air, and most exciting of all, Sherwin-Williams announced their 2019 paint color!  Before we reveal the newest color, let’s look at past favorites. The 2017 Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year was Poised Taupe, a perfect blend of earthy brown and cool gray with a subtle purple undertone creating a balanced neutral that works in nearly any home. Last year, we saw Oceanside declared the 2018 Color of the Year, a rich, jewel-toned blue with a deep green tint which was about as far from neutral as you could get and ushered in a cool-toned trend!

For 2019, the color of the year is (drum roll, please!) Cavern Clay! A muted, red-brown shade that calls to mind sun-baked terracotta, Cavern Clay seems to be at the forefront of an exciting new design trend!

Goodbye Cool Colors, Hello Warmth!

Okay, simply because Cavern Clay is the SW Color of the Year does not mean it’s time to begin painting over cool gray walls and banishing moody blue furnishings to the thrift store. But, this earthy red tone, combined with Sherwin-Williams’ color palettes for 2019, lead us to believe that trends are leaning back into warm, earth tones. Here’s a look at a few of the 2019 Color Palettes to give you some clues!

  • Raconteur: Features a deep black-brown, brick-toned red, warm beige, and Poised Taupe (from 2017)
  • Aficionado: Features copper, gold, wine, and warm-toned greige, alongside red-toned browns and reddish-purples
  • Wanderer: Spotlights Cavern Clay and adds several rich brown tones to the palette along with creamy white, warm greige, and even a dusty blue shade for contrast.

Setting Primary Wall Paint Colors

Using Cavern Clay as a Primary Wall Color

If you love the look of Cavern Clay, this makes a beautiful color for a dining room, living room, or den. However, it’s important to balance this color because the terracotta tone can overwhelm a small room or make it feel darker. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it as a primary wall color, because with the right neutral tones, it can transform a drab space into a warm, inviting room.

Balancing a Bold Wall Color

Find balance by bringing in both light and dark accents. Sheer curtains or cream colored curtains will allow ample natural light to flow into the space, while a cream-colored trim, such as Sherwin-Williams’ Whitetail – a soft, creamy white that still looks crisp and clean, will stand out beautifully against the reddish-brown.

If you’re using Cavern Clay in a living room, soft, tan upholstery or a rich, deep brown leather sofa would coordinate beautifully. In a dining room, cream or tan upholstered cushions at the dining room table paired with a soft rug will create a welcoming look and carry the light look of the trim and curtains throughout the room.

Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay Color of The Year

Add in Natural Elements

The earthy feel of Cavern Clay is elevated by natural accents, so bringing in wood will not only balance the space, it will coordinate perfectly. Dark wood flooring and wooden furniture along with stone accents are excellent options, instead of carpeting or tile, or furnishing with metal, glass, or lighter woods.

It’s important to not forget the details that add life and personality to your room. Carrying on a natural bohemian or Southwest-inspired feel, bring in greenery potted in copper containers for fresh pops of color and complete the look with a copper or brass light fixture.

Cavern clay Paint Color By Sherwin WilliamsJust a Touch of Cavern Clay

If you want to warm up a space, but you’re not quite ready to paint an entire room with a bold, terra-cotta color, not to worry! This makes a beautiful accent color and works with so many shades. Not only can you look to the Wanderer color palette for inspiration, if you already have a neutral colored room, you can add warmth through your accents, such as with rugs, throw cushions, artwork, or even new slipcovers!

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