Pantry Organization Ideas for the New Year

By December 30, 2021Organizational Tips

The kitchen pantry can quickly become a catch-all for a multitude of items as you struggle to keep your counters free of clutter. Sequestered behind closed doors, the space is often ‘out of sight, out of mind.’  However, with a bit of organization, you can create a picture-perfect pantry and create even more much-needed storage space. In this article, we will explore a few ways to streamline the cubicles organization with a few storage solutions that are easy and affordable. You don’t have to worry about tearing out walls or making any costly renovations with these storage ideas.

Here are a few creative and fun ideas to keep your pantry organized and looking outstanding. You no longer have to worry about anyone opening the pantry door and being embarrassed. Instead, if a guest peeks into your pantry they will probably compliment you on your nifty storage ideas!

Straw Bins and Baskets

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Straw bins and baskets are a favorite for offices, closets, and playrooms but they also work great in your pantry. You can use a basket to hold canned goods and label each basket with the distinct types of canned goods they are holding such as tomato sauce, soups, vegetables, and more.

With a basket, you never have to worry about lifting a lid to look inside as you do with plastic storage bins. Baskets and straw bins are also great for holding tablecloths and napkins. Outfit your pantry with deep shelving to hold the containers in an orderly fashion.

Drawers for Easy Access

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Most people have shelves in their storage pantry but why not use drawers? You can easily pull out a drawer and have a wide array of food items at your access. Plus, you don’t have to worry about things falling off of shelves if you use drawers.

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Drawers keep things organized by type and hidden away for safe keeping. You can even label the drawers, so you know what is inside.

Plastic Containers

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Plastic containers remain the most popular storage choice in most homes. They are easy to clean and stack. Many are clear so you can see what is inside of the containers without ever having to pop the lid.

Use flat containers to easily stack in the pantry space. Many custom containers will slide off the shelves in a drawer-like fashion, so you always have fast access to whatever you are storing.

Hanging Pegboard


Hang a pegboard on the wall of your pantry. They are great for hanging heavy pots and pans. A pegboard can free up valuable shelf space. Also, the pegboard looks fantastic. You can actually put your most beloved pots and pans on display in the pantry where you can easily access them when cooking.

On the pegboard affix a variety of hooks and dowels. You can even put a few small shelves on the pegboard.

Install a Ladder

Do you have high shelves in your pantry that you cannot reach? Why not install a library or attic ladder in the pantry so you can quickly grab items stored in hard-to-reach areas? The high shelving and ladder make use of your high ceiling pantry for storage and also looks outstandingly trendy.

Source: Container Store

Using Labels

Source: Container Store

Your pantry can look organized with labels on all of the containers. Use leak-proof containers such as canning jars to hold dry goods like beans and rice. Label all of the containers so you know exactly what is inside. The mason jars will remind you of grandma’s kitchen and make your pantry look neat and orderly.

The mason jars are also bug proof and you can quickly see what is inside through their translucent glass. You never have to worry about the container’s items spilling either because of the easy to twist lids on the jars. If mason jars are not your style, then why not try ceramic storage jars? You can also label them, so you know what is inside each container. Place the jars in neat order on our shelves such as by grouping by food category or in alphabetical order.

Hang a Few Things

An area often overlooked in the pantry is the ceiling. Why not put a few hooks in the ceiling and hang baskets down or wonderful canvas bags? You can suspend your potatoes or onions from the hooks. You can even hang baskets to hold applies or other items.

Source: Container Store

Use Varied Containers

Source: Container Store

Okay, not everyone is ‘big’ on the organization. Sometimes a look that is too organized feels cold and sterile. Instead, you can create beauty with varied containers. Choose containers of assorted sizes and materials to piece together. Think of the containers as squares in a lovely patchwork quilt. You will use them to design your own vision of the pantry space.

Transforming an Unused Corner

Some people are not lucky enough to even have a pantry to organize. However, if you think creatively, you can probably find an unused corner of a kitchen or hallway that you can transform into a pantry. You’ll need to install shelves or use a modular rack with lots of shelving. You can then start to use the organizational ideas in this article to build your pantry.

You can even lay down a pretty area rug in front of the shelves to complete your pantry look. Another fun thing is to paint the space or hang wallpaper to give it a completely different ‘feel’ so anyone who sees the space automatically knows it is your special ‘pantry.’

Creating a picture-perfect pantry is a fun project to enjoy on a cold winter’s weekend when you are trapped indoors. Why not embrace the space and truly let it display your personality while becoming a valuable storage space?

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