How to Stage Bathrooms that Say “Aaah, Spa!”

By August 3, 2018Home Staging

Bathroom Staging Ideas For Creating a Spa-like Feel

You’re a few days away from an open house and your home is staged to sell! The living room is bright, airy, and spacious, the kitchen is clutter-free, and the bedrooms have all the personal stuff removed. You’re ready to sell, right?

Not quite. Most buyers skip bathroom staging, but prospective buyers dream of a spa-like bathroom where they can relax in the bath or just get ready for the morning in a clean, soothing space. Fortunately, staging a bathroom to create a spa-like feel is easier than you think with these tips!

Clean, Spotless, and Sanitary

The first thing you need to do in your bathroom is to make sure it is absolutely spotless and clean. After all, you will never see a spa that has dust bunnies in the vents, dirt, or damp smells. This means replacing caulk, checking for any dampness or spots inside cabinets, cleaning vents, and polishing taps. It seems small, but this is the most important step!

During this step, clean out the clutter! Even if you’re still living in your home, your prospective buyers don’t want to see all your bathroom stuff like half-filled lotion bottles and a box of q-tips spilling everywhere. If you need to keep some items in your bathroom, make them a part of the stage. Use simple glass hand pumps to keep lotion, soap, and other toiletries tidy, and store your cotton swabs and such in pretty glass apothecary jars. These are functional and still act as a part of your decor.

Paint and Tile for a Spa-feel

Spas are cool, soothing spaces and nothing can update your bathroom like paint and tile. Avoid any energizing colors like red, yellow, orange, or pink as those can be jarring in a bathroom or dark shades that can make a bathroom feel dark, small, and dreary. Instead, consider white or cool gray tile in the shower or on the floors paired with one of these paint color options:

Bathroom Staged by No Vacancy Home Staging

Crisp White Linens

Does anything whisper “Aaah, spa” like soft, fluffy, white towels? You can’t help but picture wrapping yourself in that warmth and softness, which is exactly what you want your prospective buyers to think! When you’re setting the stage in your bathroom, bring in an attractive woven basket to store rolled towels or stack them, neatly folded on a small wooden stool. Such an easy step that makes a big impact!

Bringing in Nature

The final touches in your bathroom staging project should be bringing in subtle, natural accessories. Wood, stone, and greenery are all excellent materials that promote a natural spa theme. A wooden or stone bath mat and a bamboo tray by the bath add simple sophistication.

Greenery in a bathroom is one of my favorite touches as plants can cleanse the air while adding a light fragrance and a pop of color that doesn’t clash with or overwhelm the decor. Consider orchids with bright white blooms or add a more lush variety such as a Chinese evergreen. If you’re afraid of upkeep, air plants and succulents will be good options. Just be sure to remove your plants from the store’s plastic containers and pot them in stone, wood, or even mosaic glass containers!

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